Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shi Hui's Best Friend Forever (BFF)

Last Saturday we were invited for a dinner at a hall in Titi (15minutes away from our house).Somehow,me and SHI HUI were sitting in other table with Mummy,Yee Sam & Peter ko-ko.
But after that,Yee Sam get SHI HUI to sit in her table.So meaning I was sitting alone at the other table!!!*confusing!!

Nevermind!I enjoyed sitting with strangers with all the uncles so sayang me.And the che-che sitting next to me even borrowed her Ipad for me to play!!!

In the other hand...SHI HUI is sitting opposite of Peter ko-ko....halfway the dinner she......

She just climbed up his lap and sit with him through out the night!!!

He being her BFF also feed her....

....and even played with her!!!

They can play.....Haizzz.....Peter ko-ko also can entertained her.....goodness!!!

......and play.......

Till they had a...

...can of jolly shandy.PLS READ,it's  lemonade beer!!!!

And then SHI HUI turned....

Yeah!!She is drunk!!!!! :p

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Forever Sticky!!

Even till now,SHI HUI is still sticky to Peter ko-ko.No doubt now she has another new 'sticky-buddy' ,she still sticks to Peter ko-ko!!!

She even have to lay down with him on his legs while watching tv....

And he is so silly to play with her hair too!!!!!Hahahahhahahaah

SHI HUI : Another hobby...

When Cousins are back.....or when we are in KL....this is the most common view at home!!!

Either me on laptop/desktop and che che on ipad OR vice versa........haizzzzz

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Common activity

Yeah...still remember this scene??

SHI HUI can do this at anytime at anywhere!!!!!

She can be really crazy at certain hour!!!Don't you think so???


Friday, September 2, 2011

Tuesday & Wednesday (30/8-31/8)

We spent the whole day at 1 Utama on Tuesday.We shopped and window shopped and decided to watch 3D movie!!!Cousin Jacyn said why not give us an experience of watching 3D movie!!So Peter ko-ko went and que for the tickets for the movie SPY KIDS!!!We had a very very heavy delicious pork meal at Dave's.
(forgotten to take pictures as the food were too yummy!)

While waiting for the movie,there are some shows around.

It was a nice show.SHI HUI and  really enjoyed it!

And off we go for SPY KIDS!!!!

All of us were given a 3D glasses to put on.

We were all so excited bout it!!!!Hahahahhaha

After movie,we head to our 3 Sam's house.Ah Keat ko-ko brought us for a delightful dinner too.(arrrgghhhhh!!forgotten to take pictures again!!!!)

Wednesday is just a normal day like usual.We woke up and went down for breakfast and for a swim before we head back home!!!

On the way heading home,we stopped to meet Daddy.We had lunch at Daddy's working place.It's a very big and nice restaurant!!! of food!!!!!Hahahahhahaha

Overall we really enjoyed our holidays no matter it's only a short one.There will be one more trip to KL on end September!!!Can't wait!!

*Did you all notice that we didn't go for a swim on Tuesday??hehehehhe


Thursday, September 1, 2011

SHI HUI : Swimming sessions in Cousin Jane's!!

I was so sticky to Peter ko-ko through out the whole session at Cousin Jane's condo!Coz the pool is new to me....But I had fun eventhough Peter ko-ko keep splashing water to me!!!

Look at the pool measurement,I can stand alone in the pool!The water height is till my neck only! :)
But actually I'm still afraid of water!!

Last but not least,I even had shower with him!!!

Our Monday (29/8/2011)

Our Monday was rarely bored in the morning as Cousin Jacyn & Peter ko-ko are working!!So as usual,we do our routine - wake up,go for breakfast downstairs and get ready for swimming!!!

After swimming,Peter ko-ko is back!!!So early hor!!Hehehehe...So we end up watching movie and play the whole afternoon!!!!

Around 4pm,we all go and fetch Cousin Jacyn at Mid Valley.We tried out the so-call famous and nice drink called Chatime!It is SUPER YUMMY!!

After that,off we went to Cousin Jane's condo!We had another swimming session at her condo!!!!

It's so nice!Her swimming pool is nicer than Cousin Jacyn's one!!!You all can see the pictures and tell me!!!

SHI HUI can reached most of the pool area and the slide was superb!!But too bad SHI HUI dare did not try it!

She is so sticky to Peter ko-ko only the whole swimming session!!But I can see she have loads of fun with him no doubt so much water went into her eyes and throat!!Hahaha.....Not to mention,of course I have LOADS of fun swimming eventhough alone!! :)


After swimming,we head for dinner!!!

That night was treated by Conan ko-ko & Cousin Jane!!!We had delicious dishes and CRABS!!!!!!

Thank you again,Cousin Jane & Conan ko-ko!!!!(Can we do it again???! ;p)

Here are the food we had!

Delicious leh!!!!slurrrpppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SHI HUI : Our Sunday (28/8/2011)

Woo hoooo...............just like che-che said...our holidays is ALL ABOUT EATING and FUN only!!!Hahahahhahaha!!!!!!!!!

We had so many leftovers from Saturday night for breakfast...

Then we had steamboat for lunch (Cousin Jane's request!)

(One side is plain soup another is fish head soup!Super yummy!!)

On Sunday's dinner,it's on Mummy!Because my Mummy also win 4D!hehehehehe...

So this are what we had on Sunday night!!!

Nothing much for Sunday,as after the dinner we ALL head back to KL!!!!!!!

Once touched down KL,we head for our supper at Shivz Bangsar!!!There was salsa night on Sunday!!!Once I stepped in,I grooved my body with the loud music!Hehehe...While eating our food,the crowd is getting more and the lights are dimmed down!!I was smiling from ear to ear as too excited!!Hahahaha...
Even the waiter pull out for a dance!! :p

More updates on what we do/go/eat in KL!!!

The first thing I do when I reached KL is this:

Our Saturday (27/8/2011)

Our weekends are about eating and eating and eating AND EATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well,cousins all back together including Peter ko-ko & Conan ko-ko.Not to mention the whole lot of fun and laughter we had.The purpose of the Gang coming back also because we wanted to celebrate EARLY Mooncake festival.

On Saturday dinner,Yee Suk treat us makan at a nearby restaurant because Yee Suk promised as he strike 4D! :p
Look at the food we ordered :

Still remember we had a SesameStreet theme before?This time,our theme is ANGRY BIRD!!!!Hahahahahha...........

 (3 yellow birds!!!)

It's an early celebrations for Mooncake Festival....

Look at the MEN doing their work...

And the LADIES had fun!!!!

And more more more and MORE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is how the whole night looks like.....Eating,yakking,chatting.....

While me & SHI HUI ......

Going for a stroll with our lanterns with Conan ko-ko!!

 (Btw,that's NOT the moon for that night k :p)