Sunday, July 27, 2008

SHI HUI: Some silly pictures

1 pillow with 4 'styles' :>

Here are some silly pictures while waiting for Cousin Caryn see doctor.

SHI HUI:My Favourite Black Mee

Every night without fail I need supper!hehe.....I need supper before I go to bed.haha....That's why my Yee Sam will said ''Look at her size''.But frankly,you can look at my size.After supper of course I need my nen nen(Yee Sam said that was my 'drug/dadah') to sleep.
Black mee is my Favourite mee.Sometimes is mee goreng.Depends on which shop we go for supper :> :p

*Pic & video are by mobile,so it's a bit blur

Jasper~the friendly hamster

This is our new pet!It's actually Peter ko-ko's pet now :<.His name is JASPER!!Initially Cousin Jacyn & Peter ko-ko adopt Jasper to let me and Shi Hui take care of it...But after having him for a week,Peter ko-ko decided to take care of it instead of giving us!!Sigh~~~~ However,Peter ko-ko brought Jasper back and introduced us to him.Then will leave it here for a week for us to babysit as Peter ko-ko will be outstation (means will be coming to our house!hehe).So take a look at us with our new 'model'-Jasper.Every morning me and Shi Hui wake up early to see him!But still cant carry him out as he will bite claimed Cousin Jacyn.

Monday, July 14, 2008

SHUI HUI:Fun Tesco...

While Mummy & Yee Sam was enjoying the Fish Spa,Peter ko-ko brought us to the 'playground'.We enjoyed some rides and played some games.Check it out!

Me in action....'GENG' leh....

Che-che in action....NOT 'geng' oso :p

Sunday, July 13, 2008

SHI HUI: Me again

Peter ko-ko and Cousin Jacyn so 'wuliao'..they took some of my clips doing............silly things...One is at home...Another one is in the car!!!!! (Switch on your speaker)
Cousin Jacyn said don't know what am I singing!!I learned it from the Saturday class from che-che's ex-kindergarden(er thong lok yuen).

SHI HUI: Model

Me with my sexy POSE I supPOSE...hehe...

Fish Spa?

We went to Tesco to buy some grocerries.So there is something like fish spa.So Mummy & Yee Sam tried it out!Look at the fishes 'eating' their foot!!!Goodness....

Look at Mummy's leg.. Look at Yee Sam's leg

SHI HUI: Shall We Dance?

Hi!Did you guys watch Shall We Dance on tv every Thursday??Last weekend me and Peter ko-ko watched it.I just love Black the way he shake it and the way CC run here and there gracefully...So....since I am quite talented(Drama Queen as mentioned in earlier post),Peter ko-ko snap this short clips from his mobile(not so clear).Look at me running here and there,posing,lay down,etc..I think you will go giddy too...Cousin Jacyn said I'm nuts!!hahahahaha!!!!

Fun Fair!

Peter ko-ko was in our house last whole week as he'd got some jobs to do.So he spent the whole week at our house!We enjoy such a good time with him.Recently there is a fun fair nearby our house...So of course he brought us there.Look at the fun we have :

SHI HUI: Drama Queen

We were so bored in the Cousin Jacyn snap few pictures from her mobile with some emotions on my face.Some animals emotions and some from the cast of Seven dwarfs!!hehe...


Look at me and Shi Hui's friends!