Monday, February 23, 2009

SHI HUI : I like you & you & you...

Last week I had a chat with Cousin Jacyn before taking my afternoon nap.So she asked me few difficult questions!Aiyo...she ah..... : <
First she asked :
C.J : Hui,do you like your mummy or your daddy?
Me : I like my mummy make nen nen for me AND I like to sleep with my daddy.
C.J : So who do you like?
Me : I like two two (showing 2 with my fingers)
C.J : No!You can only choose 1.
Me : Emmm...I like my mummy make nen nen...because she make one very nice!

Then :
C.J : Then do you like Yee Suk or Yee Sam?
Me : I like two two also lah.
C.J : No!Choose 1 ONLY.
Me : Yee Suk very sayang me one oh....
C.J : So you don't like Yee Sam?I will tell her!!Ha ha....
Me : No...Yee Suk very sayang me ma..

Lastly :
C.J : So you like me or Peter ko-ko?
Me : Peter ko-ko always play and carry me high high wan leh..
C.J : So you like him la?You don't like me??!
Me : No la...Peter ko-ko always carry me and then play with me ma...

Sigh...Cousin Jacyn just like to make my life difficult.She forced me to choose only ONE!I just love all of them la!! :( Luckily I didn't answer so direct.So no proof saying that I do not like anyone! :p
(*Note : All are very OLD pictures)

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Aiya,I hate to wash my hair doesn't mean I don't like water..I LOVE swimming!haha..look at me and che che and Peter ko-ko having fun!
(*Note:But I still will NOT allow the water 'to touch' my face!hee)

She hates WATER!!

Let me tell you one funny silly story of SHI HUI.She really hates water when it comes to taking bath.She dislikes water on her you should know that she hates to wash her hair!!!Iiyucckkk!!!She just scared of the water contact with her eyes.We tried so many methods but fail!So sometimes we will open a 'saloon' at home to wash her hair.But still.......sigh***

Me and always good girl me.Just love water now!

(*Note:I hate water too last time when I was young like SHI HUI.Hee)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

YAM SENG!!!! (cheers)

Last Saturday was Valentine's Day cum Yee Sam's chinese birthday.So what else??Of course we celebrated.Yee Sam said in lunar calendar last Saturday still part of CNY as people will eat 'Yong Tau Fu' on that day..So of course we ate Yong Tau Fu that day for lunch!Yee Sam made it. Then dinner we went to makan at Seremban since Mummy is getting 'ONG' nowadays.Hehe you know what I mean...
After tha dinner...hehe....for supper we 'LOU SANG'.We invited Cheng Wei ko-ko & Mei Sien che-che too.We also celebrated Yee Sam's chinese birthday.Don't you just like this family?
Cheng Wei ko-ko & Mei Sien che che bought a cake for Yee Sam.Then.....we also YAM SENGGGGG!!!!!haha

Our Plate of Yee Sang to Lou Sang!

All of us getting ready to LOU SANG!!!

Here we go :

Happy Birthday,Yee Sam.

Then we cheers!!!

SHI HUI & me...getting 'happy' from the liquor we drank...

We refused to 'let go'....hehe cute SHI HUI!

Hehe,these are what we drank...the adults took the red wine and Peter ko-ko bought this fruity liquor for us too (but still 5.5% alcohol)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

SHI HUI : We love DURIANS!!!

Durians!Lola,have you tried it before?It is very delicious and sedap!!It's me and che-che's favourite!Can't stop eating it.Yee Suk will buy it for us whenever there are seasons.Peter ko-ko loves it too BUT...Cousin Jacyn,Cousin Caryn & Cousin Jane just don't like it.HAHAHA.....Look at how enjoyable are us.

Nothing to say till you guys also wanted to eat durians right?Come to our house!Will get my Yee Suk to buy for you to eat!hehe.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

SHI HUI : Then...then 6th day of CNY '09!

So fast it's the 6th day of CNY lo...sigh...but still long way to go as CNY is 15 days,Lola!!wahahahahhahaha...Peter ko-ko is here already today.We played firework!!!Not any BIG firework la..just normal firework given by Sei-Suk.All of us dare not put it on,so...there comes our hero....

But let me share with you how does the celebration at our house ya,Lola,Lolo & Uncle Dui Dui.Our house very happening when at night time.Because opposite is the Karaoke for aunties & uncles.So for this CNY,there will be karaoke cum happy-hour session till 12 o'clock for 15days every night!Tonight got street party,man!!!!(At the same time,Peter ko-ko,Cousin Caryn & Cousin Jane,Mummy,Li Peng & Li Cheng are gambling inside the house!).Very 'geng' ho? :p

Ok,look at me & che-che at the 'warming-up' session.

Oh ya,look at my Yee Sam perform.She's karaoking...

Then at the end of the night,it was like street disco-party oo!!!Look at all the aunties & uncles.They shake & dance..they are HOT!Can you spot me??hehe..

Forgot to mention that we drank some red wine at the end me & che-che also feel 'hot'!!! :p