Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mimi & Momo

After Jasper gone,Now we have new pets!Hamsters also and they are called Mimi & Momo!
We love them very much.They are very cute!
Look at us,now we can touch it and even carry them!!hahaha...


HO HO HO~~~~ As usual,Christmas is around the corner.We went to Kuala Lumpur again for holidays.However,the Xmas decoration are not all up yet.But yet we still get to take pictures with Santa Claus & Santa Rina!
Anyway,Merry Christmas,Lola,Lolo,Uncle Dui Dui & all my aunties and uncles!!

Pretty Mummy~~~
There are some cast for a short sketch...
Then of course we went to IKEA again!As usual,the ladies will left us with Peter he take care of us from there till the ladies finish their shopping!But we have fun!!


Lola & Lolo,just want to share with you all I'm well grown up now.Look at the difference!
*Note :Same bikini yeah...

This was taken LAST YEAR July :

This was taken last week :

Can see the difference by just a year?But Cousin Jacyn said I am no more cute :<

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

SHI HUI : Refresh/Recall....

Hi Lola,Lolo,Uncle Dui Dui,
Due to financial wise,we are not able to go back Philippines for vacation yet ya.Mummy said Uncle Dui Dui told her that we seems well grown up now.And YES WE ARE!Let me share with you all the difference.
By the way,maybe all the Philippino are talented in singing and dancing.Look at most of the hotels the band are Philippino.hee :p Well.....Look at us..We REALLY can performed!!!HAHAHAHAHHA.....
This was taken when I am 1 year old....

This was when I am 2 years old...

And this was when I am 3 years old (current)...

This is a special clip which Peter ko-ko & Cousin Jacyn LOVE the most!They said it was the cutest & funniest scene of me.haha..They really made fun of me! :s

Well,look at che che when she is young time.She's CUTE rite?She is a good dancer.She's my Sifu!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Peter ko-ko grant our wish and bring us to watch Madagascar 2!Thank you sooo much and we really enjoyed!

Look at us having fun while waiting for the 'gate' to be open :p

Happy Birthday,Peter Ko-Ko!!

Last week (20/11/08) was Peter ko-ko's birthday!!We celebrated for him just at home this time.Yee Sam baked a cake for him.Look at the colourful cake!Isn't creative?hehe.It tasted good!Then we have total of 8 red eggs for him too.However,Cousin Caryn & Cousin Jane couldn't make it for that night.
Bad thing was Peter ko-ko having a bad flu on his birthday...awww....poor him...:<

But let's enjoy the process of baking the cake.Me & SHI HUI also contributed on the decor for the cake!Dun get surprised yeah.Look at the picture as proof...
First we make the icing...

Then we piped it on! :p

Ta daa....And THERE is the outcome!

We sang him the birthday song...He made a long wish...and...makan time! :>

To view the clip click here :

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our pretty Mummy!

No pictures of us to show out at the let's show off SHI HUI's artwork again!!!
Lola,Lolo,look at Mummy!She is doing well in Malaysia now.She can eat little spicy food already now..She learned how to eat many other chinese food as well...One of her favourite is 'Ham Cha'!

Then not to forget our Yee Suk & Yee Sam (pictures by SHI HUI)