Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's been a while...

Hi Lola and ALL,

I know it's been a while we didn't update about us.I am very busy with school works,SHI HUI too had to pick up with her studies as this will be her last year at kindy and Cousin Jacyn & gang did not come back.So not much updates on us too.
Anyway,found a funny video to share with you all.Hope it entertained you all a bit.
This is how SHI HUI & Peter ko ko play at times.....hehe

Hope will have more updates soon!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

SHI HUI : GONG XI FA CHAI ~ Part 6 (Videos)

First,it started with a dragon performance!!

Then only the lion dance performance!!

Even Choi San Yeh (God of Wealth) also turned up!!! :>

Then it ended with ........

Monday, February 7, 2011

GONG XI FA CHAI ~ Part 5 Continued....

After lou sang....let's see what we do....

Let's give a wild guess.....

Doing homework??At this time????


Besides we had our FIRST LOU SANG,we also had our FIRST 'hong ming dang' (it's a chinese big lantern that people put up on CNY for good luck with all our wishes on it!)

So basically in the first picture,everyone of us are writing our wish on the big lantern!!!

SHI HUI is the first kepoh girl who wrote on it!!Want to see what she wrote???

This is her wish :

After all done,we let it 'GO' high high up to the sky!!! :>

Go go go!!!Make our wish come true ya!!!

SHI HUI : GONG XI FA CHAI ~ Part 4 (3rd Day)

Peter ko-ko is here!!!We are going to have a fun day ahead!!The more the merrier!!It wil be very noisy I can tell you!

After dinner,we rest and started to get noisy by opening a mini casino!!Cousin Jacyn's friend was here too!She did contribute to the mini casino.Do not think me & che-che don't gamble ok!!We have our capital from some resources and start gambling too!! Hehehe...

Then once I got a black jack with 2 Aces (black)!!

Aight after that game,che-che got a black jack with 2 Aces too (red)!!!

After gambling,we rest and had our Lou Sang!!Our very home-made Lou Sang!Courtesy to Yee Sam & Cousin Jacyn!

Look at the colors and there are 8 types of ingredients....FATT FATT ONG ONG ahhh!!!

And the must not missed Yam Seng session!!

Can you see my HAPPY FACE in EACH PICTURE??? :p  YAM SENGGGG!!!!

After Lou Sang....guess what are we do ??!!!

Stay Tune!!!

GONG XI FA CHAI ~ Part 3 (2nd Day)

2nd Day is rather quiet too.Cousin Jacyn,Caryn & Jane had a cheongsam day that day! :)

I'm having fun with our neighbour Hao Si :

Not many pictures taken as nothing much happening that day.Only that Cousin Ah Kit ko-ko came and visit us.SHI HUI had a great time with him too!We watched tv together,had lunch,noon tea break,dinner and then SUPPER with him too! :>

This is one and only picture taken on our noon tea break.We had coconut water,ice cream and some snacks!

SHI HUI : GONG XI FA CHAI ~ Part 2 (1st Day)

On the 1st day of CNY,me & che-che went to visit her friend's house!I tagged along because one of the sisters is my friend too!hahahaha...

After visiting friend's house,we head to the church.Yes,the church also have some celebrations on CNY! :>

When we reached home,Li Yun che-che,Li Ping & Li Ching are here already!

 My favourite Yee Suk!!!
 Li Ping, Li Yun & Cousin Jane

We had some bonding and chatting and makan moments together on the first day of CNY.

Not many pictures taken as Cousin Jacyn forgot to bring back her camera!!!!Duhhhh....

But one thing I cant forget and most happy about is this :

My favourite 'beer' ~ Shandy!!I can finish one whole can myself and get drunk after that!!Heheee..

GONG XI FA CHAI ~ Part 1 (CNY Eve)

It's CNY again for 2011!This year our celebrations rather normal as we never have chance to go KL for shopping.

Our home area was awesome!Look at the lightings on the street!

Some old feel kinda feeling....

Then we had our reunion dinner

Close up view of the foods :

After all the delicious food,we waited for the Lion & Dragon Dance performance at the nearby temple & school .

SHI HUI will share with you the video soon.

The town was so noisy and happening on CNY Eve!

Then as usual,we waited for mid nite for Choi San Yeh (The God of Wealth) ! :>

Lola,Lolo,GONG XI FA CHAI!!!!