Tuesday, April 27, 2010

SHI HUI : Yes!!!She's back!!!!

Yup!!My Cousin Jacyn & Peter ko-ko are back!!!They are back from Taiwan and now back to KK..All she brought back is only this :

Aiyo!!!One bag only ah??!!! :<

But she said it's ONE BIG GOODIE BAG o!!!Ok, better believe her!

WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok..that's for me!!That's for che-che...That one for Mummy....For Yee Suk is that!!Oh this one must be for Yee Sam..........Aiiyoyo.......so many....Ok la Ok la...See the below distribution..

Yee Suk got a bottle of liquor
Mummy & Yee Sam get few baju & each one a feng shui crystal Choi San Yeh
Cousin Caryn & Cousin Jane each get an earphone and some baju
Che-che & me get lots of things!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at che-che...

But she cannot beat me...I have the MOST Baju!!!wahahahahhahaha

Cousin Jacyn said the clothes there cheap like crazy!!!She just can't stop buying.And most are for my size!!hehhe..lucky me :p She shopped till drop!!!

Che-che is a bit fat so quite difficult to get her nice baju..But nevermind..che-che get a very nice sandal though.

Best part is these cute cartoon panties!!

We love it so much!!Che-che even hold it and sleep!!haha

Mine is Dora the explorer while che-che's is Barbie!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Can't wait can't wait!

Yeah!!Cousin Jacyn & Peter ko-ko were back from their Taiwan trip!!She called yesterday and said that she bought many souvenirs for us!!!Now we just can't wait to see her!!hahaha....
Will tell you all what she bought for us soon!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

SHI HUI's birthday

I know SHI HUI did tell you a very short post on her birthday.Let me share with you some other more updates with more different pictures! :>
Remember the PPG clothes that Peter ko-ko bought?Nice right?!
Look at Yee Sam,Mummy & Daddy wokking out in the kitchen!(And also Peter ko-ko working as a mini photographer)
Everybody busy eating.

These are all her birthday presents.

All busybody looking at Mummy lighting up the cute cake!
And here we go singing her the birthday song..SHI HUI made a LONGGGGGGG wish!
Love you,SHI HUI!!!
Last but not least,this will always be our favourite picture!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

SHI HUI : It's my 5th birthday!

Yes,I celebrated my 5th birthday yesterday!ONLY Peter ko-ko is here so he managed to celebrate with me & snap some pictures.
Daddy was on leave few days.So we had a great dinner yesterday at a restaurant.Lee Yun,Lee Ping & Lee Ching also joined us.
After the dinner,Daddy & Mummy prepare some food for a very small party for neighbours (Hao Yi,Hao Si & Hao Yen).
Nothing much but I'm just happy that my family are here to celebrate it with me!
Not only my family,my friends too!!
It's just like a small party but I'm still a very happy girl.
I've got quite many pressies too!The Green Power Puff Girl clothes is from Peter ko-ko if you can still remember.But I heard they are buying me something SURPRISE & SECRET!!Will let you all know what it is ya!! :>
Look at my pressies!!!Thank you ALL!!!Muakss...

Friday, April 2, 2010

SHI HUI : Bluf People Day

Yesterday Cousin Jacyn called me to ask what present I want for my birthday.
Then I told her ''Jacyn,today is bluf people day''.Cousin Jacyn was a bit blur but she can hear Yee Sam & Mummy all laughing behind me!It's actually APRIL FOOL!!! :D

Then I also added that ''Che-che said her teacher said today bluf people but cannot angry one''.
Haha...They all laughed out loud again!
Why are they laughing?That's what my principal told me in school ma..
Today is Good Friday and it's a holiday for my kindy!