Saturday, April 25, 2009

Car washing..anyone??

It was VERY sunny these few days....But there is one day the weather was cloudy and going to rain.So Peter ko-ko said let's go 'PLAY RAIN'!!!We were all sooo excited!We waited and waited for the rain to be heavier as it's only drizzled.Peter ko-ko even plan to wash his car in the rain too....But we waited and waited and waited......still the rain is not so heavy..We gave up and start washing the car and of course......................................WET OURSELVES!!!
Look at SHI HUI,she even washed her hair by using her new shower hat!Aiyo....

Then she's trying to help though...

Not bad...she started to spray water on people...

But anyhow,SHI HUI is still SCARED OF WATER even she had her shower hat on!

Monday, April 20, 2009

SHI HUI : I am sticky!! (part 2) all of you know I am sticky to Peter ko-ko right?I AM really sticky to him!Just don't know why.I can be with him whole day/night even withouth Cousin Jacyn!!! :p
Look....I must stick to him even when he is doing his work and I am watching my movie!!hehe
First I will just disturb him.....make him annoyed if can....(I love u,Peter ko-ko!!)

Then he will 'give in'....hahahahaha......(He loves me too.... :p)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shower Cap or Shower Hat??!

Haha....You all still remember that SHI HUI really fear of water and scared to wash her hair everyday??Now,no more problem as Cousin Jacyn bought her a shower hat...YES,it's a SHOWER HAT,not shower cap like what you are using ya,Aunty Jane(she is my Uncle Dui Dui's wife).hehe....

This is how her Shower Hat looks like.Yee Sam said it was the same kind of shower hat that Cousin Caryn used it when she was my age!!!haha..Cousin Caryn also scared to wash her hair!!!Oh my god!!!
This is how it looks like on me :
Thanks to Cousin Jacyn now SHI HUI dare to bath and washed her hair without any tears!hahaha..... more tears.....

SHI HUI : Chinese song!

Besides tagalog song,OF COURSE I can sing chinese song la!!!Enjoy....

Uncle Dui Dui & Wife (Aunty Jane),hope you both have a HEALTHY baby boy soon ya!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

SHI HUI : Tagalog Song!

Lola,Lolo,would like to dedicate these songs to u all!!!Hahaha...hope u all can understand! :p

Sunday, April 5, 2009

SHI HUI : I AM 4!!!!!!

Haha...Before I start,just to remind that this post will be a VERY LONG ONE ya!!Uncle Dui Dui,hope you enjoy!
Remember I'm counting down on my birthday in the last few posts?Peter ko-ko,Cousin Jacyn & Cousin Caryn were back on Friday night and....they showed me LOTS OF GIFTS!!All these gifts are from Peter ko-ko & Cousin Jacyn.Love them very much!!Muakssss....But Peter ko-ko don't let me open it on that day.He said have to wait till Saturday :('s Saturday morning...Cousin Caryn promised to buy me something...So me,Cousin Caryn,Cousin Jacyn & Yee Sam went to a shop to find it...Guess what is it?????

Jeng Jeng Jeng Jeng....It's a STUDY TABLE for me!!!wakakakkakahahahahahahha :p I'm happy with that new colourful study table!So Peter ko-ko fixed it for me and I am eveready to use it!!
Look at the table it's so nice with a storage in it:

Thanks,Cousin Caryn!!Muaks!
Then Cousin Jacyn just can't wait to let me opened her gift (have to as I need to wear it tonight.hehe).As this is my very first gift opening..I am very curious and focused..Check out the dress!So adult-office-wear-look ho..hehe.Cousin Jacyn is always my 'fashion consultant' :p
Oh yeah....I'd an earlier celebration last Saturday!!As usual...we had our makan session at nearby restaurant.

My all-time-favourite Yee Suk.(I even choose to sit next to my Yee Suk instead of my Daddy.Bad me right? :()
Then we headed back home to have the cake cutting session...however before that......Peter ko-ko just want to see how is my reaction of opening his FIRST gift wo.....Oh ya forgot to mention,che-che also had a gift from Peter ko-ko!So both of us open our gifts (my FIRST gift & che che's ONLY gift both from Peter ko-ko)...Che che was so happy with her gift (because it's POWER PUFF GIRLS!)..but me...I was not-so-happy with my gift though...but still do not want to dissapoint him I said I like it... :( :p (Naughty Peter ko-ko & Cousin Jacyn was 'happy with the result'...arggghhhhhh!!)....

But..later Peter ko-ko let me opened the 2nd gift from him!!!Haha..I am so excited again!!This time....IT WAS POWER PUFF GIRLS!!!!!!!I am soooooo HAPPY!!!THANK U SOOOO MUCH,Peter ko-ko!!!hahahaha :)
Then I opened my next gift from Kevin ko-ko (Cousin Jacyn's best buddy)..It was a cute red piggy!!Thank u,Kevin ko-ko! :)

Last presents opened are from Li Peng & Li Cheng.Like it too!I am such a happy lucky girl!hehe.

Then we carry on with our cake cutting session...Look at me making wish like it's for EVERYONE!:p

Just before we end our 'party' someone came's Mei Sien che-che & Cheng Wei ko-ko!!!They bought a shirt for me too!!I AM SUPER HAPPY that day!:) Thank you both of u,lovely couple!Che che got something from them too!And these are what che che got (even though it's not her birthday....:p)

And last but not least,I would like to say a few words....

All Souls Day aka Cheng Meng

It's 'all souls day' or also known as cheng meng.Lola,Lolo,it is where we visit our loved ones' graves.We do it every year (as you can see last year's post too on Apr).Early in the morning we woke up at 6am!!Every year,Yee Suk said we better be there early before the sun rise:)
Look at our just woke up face...

Oh ya..look at how happy are our Ah Ma (grandmother) & Ah Yeh (Grandfather) going to be.We 'gave' them many things. As you can see,we gave table fan,LCD Plasma TV,Astro,DVD,refridgerator,toothbrush,toothpaste,Ah Yeh's false tooth,teapot with cups,LV handbag,handphones and many more with LOTS OF $$$$!!!! :pLet the pictures tell the story.You may point at any picture to see what are we doing :

Oh ya,not to forgot in the midst of praying,we did ask Ah Ma for fortune!!hahahaha....Of course SHI HUI will do that kepoh job lo...see how expert is she :

And last but not least,before we end we 'celebrate' with Ah Ma's house warming with a great firecrackers!!!Look at Daddy...

Ah Ma,Ah Yeh,hope you both happy 'out there'!We all will love & remember you forever!!