Monday, June 28, 2010

New hobby

Haha..our new hobby now is.......Guess Guess Guess???

You can see what is SHI HUI doing???

And me too!!!Each one has something to hook on.So we wont 'fight'!

Yes,playing computer educational games is our hobby now!!! :> Hehe...
This mean the adults can watch movie in peace!!! :p

Sunday, June 13, 2010

SHI HUI : Ikea is always fun!!

Ikea is always a fun place for us!Our KL trip will not be perfect without landing in Ikea.Hahaha..

It's our favourite place..Actually it's Cousin Jacyn's favourite place!!Initially it became ours too!:p

Like che-che said,eventhough we didn't get to go to the Playland this time,but we still had fun.We 'played' in Ikea instead.

See our 'new house' :p

Then of course there's Curry Puff session lo.....We just LOVE Ikea curry puff!!Very yummy!But while all the people enjoying curry & Peter ko-ko was kinda full,so we both didn't eat.We play instead!We make monkey faces,I make him new 'horns'...

Do we look alike like this?
Then we played non-stop and laughed so loud!!Oopsss....

Then want to know what happen at the end when I'm tired? :(

Yes!!Special priviledge for me!!!hahahaha :>

Desa Waterpark clips.

As promised,here are the clips taken in Desa Waterpark.
Look at how we enjoyed the man-made wave!

Last but not least,SHI HUI & Mummy playing at the kids pool+slide.

School Holidaying in KL ~ Sunday

After a nice dip at Desa Waterpark on Saturday.We spent our Sunday 'dry'.Yes,we didn't even go to our morning swim at the pool on Sunday. :P

We went to One Utama.We tried a new place again for lunch.It's called Peranakan Place.We had spicy nyonya food!Very yummy!!!Me & SHI HUI & even Mummy can take the spicyness!!!Oh la la~~~~~ :p
Then we had some small fun at One Utama 'School's Out' session.

SHI HUI is young enough to go in that fun area.

Meanwhile me & Peter ko-ko camwhoring around :p

It's football fever now!

After One Utama,we head to The Curve (our favourite place also)

There's a mini Bird Park at The Curve.Look at the birds we found there :

This is ostrich's egg.Very huge and strong.SHI HUI even stepped on it and it doesn't break!WOW!

After The Curve...............

We supposed wanna tried out this for tea time :
Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant but it was FULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ggrrrrrrrr...... :(

So we ended up at Dragon-I.Me,SHI HUI & Mummy have yet to try out this restaurant.It serves very very very nice dim sum!
Some of the food we ordered :

Want to know how delicious is the yellow pao on the picture??
Look at how SHI HUI enjoyed it!

After The Curve.....OF COURSE WE HEAD TO IKEA!!!!Our all time favourite place!!!Yahooo!!!!

But this time we didn't get to go in the playland because of the wrong timing.So we wandered around Ikea.SHI HUI will shared with you how she had fun with Peter ko-ko in another post later.

Meanwhile,we cannot leave Ikea without its CURRY PUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Look at SHI HUI's & Cousin Jacyn's funny expressions of eating the curry puff!
Yummy x 10!

So that's how we spent our weekends for the first week of holiday.

Now we are going to have a swim downstairs before we head home!:>

Bye and stay tune for more videos coming up ok!!

School holidaying in KL!!

YES!!Remember I said we are heading to KL on school holidays?Yes we are here!!

Althought it's always a short trip but we really had so much fun!!This time round,Peter ko-ko decided to bring us to waterpark as he can't book a room in Port Dickson.
So off we head to Desa Waterpark!!!

Not many pictures taken...only...before we dip into the water..

SHI HUI only wants to play with Peter ko-ko and only want to stick to Peter ko-ko the whole day there!!Aiyo!!!But that's y Peter ko-ko accompanied her started with all the slides :p
Then we played all day long.Never get to take the camera out!Coz even Yee Sam played along with us and all wet!!Hahaha..

This was taken by Cousin Jacyn when she was all ready to go home but we were still playing at the wave pool!!Look at the pictures,SHI HUI & Mummy trying on the kids slide.Then we 3 try to get into the double tube to go into the wave pool.Very fun!!!

Nothing much there I would say...but still we have fun to the max!!
I will share with you the videos of us at the wave pool later.So keep reading!!! :>

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fifi's new collar

Cousin Jacyn bought Fifi a new collar and leash.This is the new collar on Fifi.Cute or not???!!!Answer me!!!!!!!

Oh yes,SHI HUI gave Fifi her Ribena toy and she said Fifi love it!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

FIFI's new bed & clothe!

Cousin Caryn just got back.She brought the bed & clothe that Cousin Jacyn bought.Look at cute!!!!
The bed is still big for her!!Good buy,Cousins!!!
Yes,that's my leg..I love Fifi a lot.Everday I'll carry her...
See the clothe she wear....still very big for her mini size! :)
Cute right???

Friday, June 4, 2010

SHI HUI : School holidays again!!!

YES!!It's school holidays again!!!2 weeks this time.Next week Peter ko-ko will be here the whole week again for work.And then......we'll be heading to KL hopefully!! : > :p

So now me & che-che working very hard to finish our school homeworks! :D

This was taken the last trip we in KL at Cousin Caryn's condo...Che-che went up with Yee Sam while me,Mummy & Peter ko-ko wait downstairs...

Now we all can't wait for next week!!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gamble queens!

When we are bored...we gamble...I mean play cards...:>

Sometimes we played 'One Love', we play 'Fishing' and even 'Big Turtle'!!!Hahahaha....

Cousin Jane said good for us to play with cards sometimes it helps us on our Mathematics!!

Here's a picture of us playing UNO!