Friday, November 26, 2010

SHI HUI : My record in CHAIN

When my trip here,Cousin Jacyn is too busy to entertain me.She is busy chatting with friends online and the rest busy watching tv.So she let me play my favourite game ~ The Chain.This was introduce by Nic ko-ko and Kynie che-che.

I played quietly there without disturbing anyone!!Hee......

Then when the clock hit mid night,it's time to sleep....I'm still playing!!!(meaning not yet game over)!!!

Cousin Jacyn was impressed with my score!!Hahahaha.....Silly her she went and snapped a picture of it!
Take a look at my score :

But I still need to give up coz everyone is going to bed... :( Cousin Jacyn just switch it off JUST LIKE THAT after snapped a picture of it! :'<

I still can go further!!!hehe

Nic ko-ko,I geng or not???hee :p

Sunday, November 21, 2010

First Xmas Tree is up!!!

Yeah...The first xmas tree is up for this year!!No no...Not Mummy's's Cousin Jacyn's xmas tree!!!
We all helped her to set up the tree for the first time!! :D

Everyone was so excited bout it especially Mummy!!Hehehe...

Peter ko-ko doing the 'last thing'....

Before :


After :

Hehehe....too bad KL's xmas decoration is not up yet.So seems like we have to make another round to KL again!!! :D

See ya!!!

SHI HUI : 4th Dance

My last performance was the NOBODY dance.

The outfit was a little sexy ha????Hehehehe.....

Anyway,check it out :

SHI HUI : 3rd Dance

My 3rd dance is something got to do with pom pom thing!! video for this as Cousin Caryn is the one who took the clip BUT she can't upload it into her laptop!!!arrghhhh........

We'll wait and see if she can solve the problem ya......Meanwhile only pictures to show :(

Saturday, November 20, 2010

SHI HUI : My story telling

Remember I was telling that I will be performing in one session of story telling in my concert??
See how I practice from home for like about few months to complete the whole story!

Then....this is me performing LIVE at school :


What you think??All of them says I didn't do well at school :(  They expect better performance from me...

Sigh~~~ I'm only 5 years old lah.........


Today is Peter ko-ko's birthday!!!And then it was a hectic day for us too! But we enjoyed :D

We celebrated it early in the morning where Yee Sam made him red eggs.No pictures to share as Cousin Jacyn is still sleeping!!!!

Then after that we went for a swim together.We had lunch at Chilis (one of our favourite makan place).I remembered we celebrated Peter ko-ko's birthday once there too! :p
Some sticky moments of SHI HUI & him :

He got a complimentary brownies with ice-cream topping,made a wish and we all helped him to EAT the cake!!! :D

After makan, we walk walk at One Utama then followed Cousin Jacyn to her dancing class!!Hehehe...we get to stay there and see them learned!!Their instructor were awesome too!

Right after dancing class we head straight to Asian Water Sports Village and then supper!!

Now it's time to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....


Friday, November 19, 2010

SHI HUI : 2nd Dance

My 2nd dance is a dance with lots of hands actions....

I keep looking at Cousin Jacyn coz this time I'm standing further than Peter ko-ko...

Here's the clip of my 2nd dance :

SHI HUI : 1st Dance

My first dance was the Butterfly Dance.
When I reached there...I'm like a doll being dressed up!My teacher & my Yee Sam helped me out.

(Look at me looking around)

Yeah....I'm done!

Then took a picture with my teacher and classmates :

This is one of my classmate too :

And the dance begin....

(Peter ko-ko was sitting right in front of me!!haha)

Here's a short clip of my dance :

Thursday, November 18, 2010

SHI HUI : My concert_The process

HALLO!!!Finally my concert is over on Tuesday.I'm such a big shot till Cousin Jacyn,Cousin Caryn & Peter ko-ko were back for my concert! :p
They keep ask me am I ready for the night?I answered with a firm 'YES'.Then they also asked am I kan jiong (nervous)..I said 'NO'. They all were more kan jiong than me!!!

Ok let's see how's the process like...

First and foremost,I need a hairdo.Cousin Jacyn tried her very best with her BEST skill she can ever had!But she failed by saying my hair is too straight and silky and short!!!Cousin Jacyn really got NO talent la!!Hehe..

Then how??!!!Quickily they bring me to the.....

SALOON!Yes,SALOON!For a hairdo since Cousin Jacyn failed to 'set up' my hair!Hehe....So vain hor...

While Aunty Swee Chan is showing her skill on my hair,Cousin Jacyn keep snapping away with her mobile.

Then this is the outcome..

Not so clear I know I know....Sigh...Cousin Jacyn's lousy photography skills lor!!!

After hairdo,we need to do a make over!!!So AGAIN,Cousin Jacyn will be showing her skills with Cousin Caryn assisting her.The sisters are really trying their best for my day,man!!!Hahaha...Love them so much!

Ok,before ~ me

In the process...

And,after ~ me...

Hehe..I know the make up is a bit too over..But it's just nice when I'm on stage.As I'm the prettiest! :p

This is just the PROCESS...pls stay tune for more updates on my dances.I danced 4 dances + 1 story telling!!Check out my videos too.

Cousin Jacyn need some time to upload all!!!!Hehehe...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Counting down!!!

YEAH!!WE are now counting down for school holidays!!The very long school holidays!!I'd just finished my final exams of the year...We are now preparing for our school concerts!Mine will be on 12 November while SHI HUI's on 16 November.

After that we will be off to KL for our annual trip!!YAHOOOO~~~~~~

First thing first we will go to have an adventure on water sports on 20 November!!!Can't wait Can't wait!!!!

So stay tune for our updates ya!!!