Monday, March 14, 2011

SHI HUI : Hi!!

I know it's been long time since we updated here.Cousin Jacyn seldom back nowadays as she is busy with her salsa business! :>
School holiday is coming,hope this time we have a chance to go KL again!
But Peter ko-ko is here quite frequent!As usual I had a great time with him!

These are some pictures he took of me!

Me in my daddy's sunglasses!

Me at Yee Sam's birthday dinner.Oh yes,only Peter ko-ko & Cousin Jane were at home!

Me & my best friend aka neighbour aka classmate ~ Hao Yen :

And last but not least,did I tell you I joined the art class now?It's on every Thursday at 6-7pm.I really enjoying it!We draw,colouring with crayons and even water colours!
This is one of masterpiece.Can  you just guess what it is??????

Come on Aunty Jane & Uncle Dui Dui,give it a guess.Show Lola and get her to guess as well ok!Hehehehehe.........