Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SHI HUI : Quality Time with Fifi again!

We always spend time with Fifi especially when cousins are back!
We will let her out and play with us,run around us and even watch tv with us!!!

Naughty active Fifi in action :

Che-che love Fifi very much too...

Che-che & Fifi watching tv!!

Fifi is very smart dog!!Look at how Cousin Jacyn & Cousin Caryn prove it!!!

Thanks to Yee Suk who given Fifi very good training everyday!!
We just love FIFI!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

SHI HUI : My 2012 birthday !!

Yup!It was my birthday last Sunday.We didn't do a party this time round.Just a simple celebrations at home.

I've got a local version of Angry Bird from our place.....hehehe...

With the people I loved so much.... (Cousin Jane+Conan ko-ko couldn't make it as they are busy)

I was sooooo happy and keep laughing away when they sang me the birthday song.... hehehe

I made a very long wish...

.....and cut my cake

It was indeed a simple celebrations with some finger-food and closed people around...
No presents received too....Oops!I mean Cousin Jane gave me my gifts very much earlier last month,Mummy bought me something on Sunday, Cousin Jacyn+Cousin Caryn+Peter ko-ko decided to bring me to SOMEWHERE on school holiday as my birthday present!So wait for my good news and updates ok!

But of course my favourite Yee Suk gave me .....

I'm now counting down to the next school holidays for my birthday wish to come true!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cheng Meng 2012

It's the month of April meaning it's the month of cheng meng again where we will visit the grave of our grandmother...

As the usual routine we do on Cheng Meng.....

This is my Grandmother's grave..

As usual,after praying,we have some makan session there

Last but not least,we will burned some stuff for our Grandmother...

Yee Suk,doing the job to make sure all things are well-burned!The ashes fly up high which means she 'will received it'

Short clip of us...

Still remember in Cheng Meng 2011.....I wore the same shirt that I wore this year!Haha!!

And I also still remember Cheng Meng 2010....everyone looked younger then.... hehe!

And if you looked back to Cheng Meng 2009....SHI HUI was so young then!!! :)