Monday, June 29, 2009

Memory Lane ~ 2006 vs 2009

Haha..After all the ''Down the Memory Lane's'' pictures,hope you all know how well we'd grown up here in Malaysia.
And last but not least.....

Sunday, June 28, 2009

SHI HUI : Memory Lane ~ Birthdays!

Haha...What Che-che said is true.Time flies!I'd celebrated 4 birthdays in total in Malaysia as my first birthday pictures (2006) was not taken as Cousin Jacyn bought her camera right after my birthday (which was on her birthday!!duhhh) :p. Not sure why Che-che's birthday pictures in 2006 are not taken too.Haha...
My birthdays for year 2007 & 2008.Well,my birthday for year 2009 you may click on this year April's posts. :)
2007 :

2008 :

Che-che's birthdays for year 2007 & 2008
2007 :

2008 :

AHA!!!Not to forget the birthdays we celebrated with Peter ko-ko!!From year 2006 ~ 2008!(2009 not yet as Peter ko-ko's birthday is on Nov).Look at the picture of me & Che-che with him.Really GROWN UP right!Can see from our faces.So Lola,you don't have to worry about us yeah!

2006 :

2007 :

2008 :

So how is it?No worries you all,we are well grown up here in Malaysia.

Memory Lane ~ Part 3

Time really flies...clearly shown from our Genting Highlands trip!From SHI HUI doesn't know how to 'drive' till she is an expert now...hee...Then from me cannot ride the roller coaster to now I can nearly ride on any rides at Genting!haha...
To show the difference,here are the pictures taken on year 2007 and 2009.

Me & SHI HUI ~ 2007
Me & SHI HUI ~ 2009
Not to forget how we grow in our swimsuit/bikini.haha...SHI HUI's picture will show more of the 'effect on growing'..
p/s: I got no picture taken with swimsuit on year 2008. :p

Saturday, June 27, 2009

SHI HUI : Memory Lane ~ Part 2

Uncle Dui Dui & Aunt Jane,not to forget che-che's growing 'road'...She came to Malaysia at the age of 4.From long hair to short hair.From a cute girl to a grown up girl.
2006 ~ Che-che is so cute and adorable,isn't she?She is Peter ko-ko's favourite girl too.haha
2007 ~ Che-che is always as kind and innocent as always..
2008 ~ Che-che grown up with even shorter hair as she goes to Standar 1
2009 ~ My always beloved u!

Memory Lane~Part 1

Nowadays we hardly take picture...So Cousin Jacyn is obviously out of pictures..haha..But we also would like to show that we'd grown up!Lola,Lolo,in case you all had forgetten how SHI HUI looks like...these are her updates since year 2006. (updates will be from 2006 onwards as that's the year Cousin Jacyn bought her camera!hehe)
2006 ~ SHI HUI is only 1 year old.
2007 ~ SHI HUI starting to go outing with us.There is where her first ever KL Trip!
2008 ~ Is the year where SHI HUI improved on lots of emotions,talkings and funny stuff.
2009 ~ SHI HUI is always a cutie pie to all

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just for fun.


Today is Father's Day,but our Daddy is working..:(

No matter you are not at home with us on this special day,but you were deep inside our heart.We love you so much as you are our ONLY hero who sacrifice so much on us.Seeing you work so hard for us without any sigh,make us love you even more.Love you always...~your daughters~

We also would like to wish Happy Father's Day to Yee Suk.Love these 2 men forever.
Cousin Jacyn,Cousin Caryn & Cousin Jane also would like to wish their Daddy-Happy Father's Day!''Thank you for everything you'd sacrificed,Dad''.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Nutribus is organized by Dutch Lady.There is a bus that will go to each place and stop by to teach and educate kids and parents about milk,health,etc.So this time Cousin Jane read the paper that Nutribus is coming to Kuala Klawang!!We went la of course!hehe...Thought they will promote their milk and product,but end up.....NOTHING :(
But you all can see inside the bus is quite interesting la....Let the picture tells u...
We press the button in the cow's mouth to recognise the sound of a cow...MOOOo.......
Then there is a che-che weighing our height and weight to determine whether we are overweight or vice versa or just nice.hehe...I am over weight!SHI HUI is just nice it seems.
However,no free drinks no free sample no product sold.We only got some car stickers,paper rulers and some stickers!
Before we leave the adults are playing the jigsaw puzzle!!aduii....ADULTS!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

SHI HUI : Kenduri

Oops forgotten.Last Sat noon we went for a kenduri.It was Yee Suk's friend's daughter's wedding.Phew...but..guess what?Yee Suk didn't go!Cousin Jane also didn't go.We enjoyed a LITTLE only as there is SOOOO HOT!You can see us sweating!So end up I still prefer to sit with my Peter ko-ko :p hehe...Peter ko-ko also super hot!So he fan me and himself!


As you all know we didn't get to go KL for the past school holidays :( But finally the gang are back in town last week!!phew~~~ Missed them sooo much! :p :)As usual,I will be sticky sticky with Peter ko-ko once he SIT down!

Can see how sticky am I right?hee...:p
Then of course I'm just too excited as everyone are back!We actually celebrated Father's Day earlier by a week.Yee Suk got $ & gifts from his angels.Daddy,when I grow big I will buy you things also ya. what is our activity on last Sat?Peter ko-ko said since we didn't get to go KL for the holidays,so to 'compensate' us...he brought us to FUN FAIR in Seremban!!Yahoo~~~~

Peter ko-ko took a ride with che-che......while me alone took another ride :

Thank you so much,Peter ko-ko!!That's why I love you soo much! Muaks.