Friday, October 30, 2009

SHI HUI : Wish me LUCK!

I will be taking part in a coloring competition tomorrow at my's my first time participating in such competition.Wonder if I will be nervous...But I'd been practising la since last week :p
So folks,WISH ME LUCK!!!PRAY FOR ME ya,Lola!!!hehe..
Will get Cousin Jacyn to post out the pictures if there are pictures to be shown!!hehe.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Belated Diwali

Yeah this year Cousin Jacyn wasn't in town on Deepavali.She went to Taiping/Penang.So only Cousin Caryn & Cousin Jane were here.
As usual we dress up and go to temple for prayers in the morning.(No pictures as both of them NOT YET wake up).We dressed back our old baju bought on last year's Deepavali.

This year we went to Uncle Param's house.Uncle Param sells roti canai in our nearby house la.So we went to his house.Cousin Jane don't want to follow.Thanked god Cousin Caryn followed so luckily managed to take few pictures!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

SHI HUI : My Yee Sam Is Sick :(

Last week Yee Sam was sick since we back from our PD trip.She had diarrhea and vomitted non-stop for few days!She can hardly take food.Poor Yee Sam.Looking at her just lying on the sofa and easy-chair sometimes,makes me feel pity on her...:( So I decided to take care of her...Yes,just like a nurse Cousin Jane said.
I fed her glucose drink.

Then massage her also.

(Note: I didn't know Cousin Jane took it by her mobile.That's why it is blur!)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SHI HUI : Glitter Fairy Painting ~ Second Batch

Yeah,after that first batch trial,we did another round of painting the next day!But this time Peter ko-ko did it better than yesterday.Managed to make 5 complete one (the day before only managed to make 3+1 not so complete one).
Here are we in action again!

Second batch member :
Me,Che-che,Cousin Caryn,Mummy & Li Cheng.

The final artwork from all of us.

Mine is much much nicer and better than the day before (because Cousin Jacyn guide me with the colors :>).Cousin Caryn's was the best of all.Mummy's was second.Che-che's one was OK only..
Let you all judge for yourself with these pictures.

This is Che-che's :
This is mine :

So what do you think?

Oh ya,besides magnet,it can be pinned on our shirts too!

Glitter Fairy Painting ~ First batch

Still remember my birthday gift from Cousin Jacyn & Cousin Caryn?Yes,this is the one.
We finally opened it and make our own art.It's something like clay.Peter ko-ko did the mixture and pour into the mould.Wait for it to be dry,then we are ready to color it!!This is the first batch aka trial.So Peter ko-ko dare not do all.
Look at our serious painting faces.

First batch members :
SHI HUI,Me,Cousin Jane & Peter ko-ko.
Here are the final artwork

SHI HUI's one was horrible!!!Wahhahaha...(She show long face when people's said hers was horrible!).Mine is very nice and I'm so satisfied with it!!Peter ko-ko's is the second worst of all!!wahhhahaha...Cousin Jane's was the best!! :p

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My birthday celebration.

This is a back-dated event.It was my birthday celebration last week.Yee Sam was sick so Daddy was on leave to held a birthday for me.Eventhough it's just a mini party,Daddy & Mummy were working very hard for that day.
The party is not for a big crowd.Just our neighbourhood friends came over.Only Cousin Jane was at home (because it's a Tuesday).So luckily she did took some pictures to share with you all. :)
Look at what had my Daddy & Mummy prepared :
My cake!Thanks,Daddy!
Me and my beloved sister ~ SHI HUI :
We as in happy family.. (aiya..why Daddy's eyes closed)
Beloved Yee Suk & Cousin Jane (Yee Sam is sick so she didn't take picture).
The rest of the pictures & clips:

My presents from all my lovely friends :
And this special hamper is from my Kai-Ma :)

Thank You,Kevin ko-ko!!!

YES!Cousin Jacyn's best buddy - Kevin ko-ko is back from Dubai again!If you all still remember he was here in April this year and bought something for SHI HUI.Then he is back again after half a year and coincidently it was MY birthday!!So he bought us something lovely!
HELLO KITTY BAG!!YES,it's PINK!One for me and one for SHI HUI.We love it SOOOOOOO MUCH!

To thank him personally...I had something to say..

And so does SHI HUI..

And last but not least...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

SHI HUI : More clips from PD!!!

Alright alright,did I tell you that I can be a good 'gambler'?Well,let me tell you,at the age of 2 I'm exposed to UNO games already.By the age of 3 I can play UNO STACKO,by the age of 4 now I can play UNO CARDS.I can be a 'gambler' because I don't cry when I lose.Not like che-che last time she will cry when she lost.So kiasu (scared to lose!) HAHA!
So look at I look expert?hehe

But..look at the adults!They laughed so loud like nobody's business!!

And then on the last day we all had a blast at the pool because it's a HOT SUNNY day!Everyone tried the slide.They all soo childish!!Me & che-che hardly play the slide coz the slide corners are a little too 'sharp'.So in fact the adults enjoyed more!!

Peter ko-ko in action :

Cousin Caryn in her worst action :

Cousin Jane only tried ONCE :

And even MUMMY enjoyed the slide!!!!!Aiyoyo

hehe...only Cousin Jacyn's action was not taken!I think she thanked God for that!Wonder what is Peter ko-ko doing..arrgghhh!!!)


Time for Video CLIPS!!

Alright,as mentioned,here are some video clips taken during the whole PD trip!No clips at the beach as it was raining at first..then the last day no one wanted/can hold the camera coz it will be wet!hehe..
Remember we ate dinner at the restaurant??We ordered crab.....Look at how SHI HUI enjoying her crab.Each n every legs of the crab she eat,bite and suck it clean!!!

Then here are some clips of my mini birthday celebrations..SHI HUI & me keep eating the jelly that Yee Sam made.It wasn't so nice but we still eat's COLD!!!

Alright I did open Cousin Jacyn & Cousin Caryn's gift at PD.Look at the kepohchi..(Yee Suk gave me an ang pao too!!)

P/S: I'm celebrating my birthday today!Daddy is back and we did a small party for my friends!Hope Cousin Jane managed to take some pictures so that Cousin Jacyn can show you all!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

PD Trip ~ Part 4

Well...since second day was the last day we went again to the beach EARLY in the morning!The weather was SO GOOD!
I am always me..the WET GIRL..I love water..Here is me with the waves.
Not like SHI HUI,she is more to 'dry girl' she play sand only.
Overall,we had a great time on the last day too at the beach.

After playing at the beach,we headed back to apartment and play at the swimming pool again just like the day before.Hehe...
Look at the adults playing the SLIDE!!!.....aiyoyo :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

SHI HUI : PD Trip ~ Part 3

Ok,right after our dinner,we headed back home and thought of flying kites at our apartment.
BUT NO wind..kites can't fly up.We only saw this flying up on the sky!haha.
So we went up and guess what?!!The adults had a great idea!Since the apartment provide mahjong table,they decided to gamble!!Aiyoyo.....
But it's ok,we also 'gamble' playing UNO game!Will show you our video clips later on.

After a while when the sky is dark,we went down to play some mini firework that Peter ko-ko bought!
Then we went up again to have our mini birthday celebrations for che-che & Yee Suk!
Just like Cheng Wei ko-ko's birthday,we had another type of flavour of mooncakes for che-che & Yee Suk this time.

Right after all the makan,I need to do my business!Haha...

NOTE : All the video clips will be post later separately as Cousin Jacyn having some problems with her internet connections!