Friday, March 27, 2009

SHI HUI: Going to 4 countdown..

Hi all,I am counting down to 4 years old leh...Another a week plus I will be 4 years old.Look at me.No more that chubby,taller and more independant now.Am wondering what will I get for my birthday this year.....???Any surprise?Or special gift??COUNTDOWN~~~~~
Funny picture :

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Splash?Swimming time lo!!!Actually me and SHI HUI just love swimming VERY MUCH!Remember SHI HUI scare of water it seems?But when come to swimming time she will just NOT REFUSE to!She can swim quite well though..Look at her at this clip :

Then while me playing the slide and Peter ko-ko watching us,SHI HUI just will play alone BECAUSE she is scared of 'rough' water play.Look at her playing and swimming alone :

When Peter ko-ko became very naughty sometimes,he will PLAY with SHI HUI...then here it goes:

But amazingly that day,after so much of persuading and THREATENING,SHI HUI finally would like to try on the slide.Look at her after first few trials...She just ENJOYED IT!!!hahaha

Then after that.....just non-stop playing the slide till don't want to go back!!hehe.....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

SHI HUI: One Utama

YES!!We are in KL again.Since it's school holidays so we came again after our Genting trip last week.Peter ko-ko brought us to One Utama after so long didn't visit that one of the famous mall.Coincidently,there is a promotion on this Mamil Gold milk powder.So che-che got to play the game and then I got to meet the Immuno Robort & Bacteria!!Don't know what I mean?Haha..look at us with the 'Bacteria'..

After meeting the Bacteria,it's time to meet the Immuno Robort!It can 'see' and 'talk'!So many kids want to have the balloon of it including me!So of course I have to speak and hug the robort to get the balloon!Look at me being 'interviewed'...

Before I forget...This is how the balloon look like :

Like a robort ho?It's called the Immuno Robort!

Friday, March 20, 2009


This is back dated post. We stopped by Jeram Toi when we are on the way back to K.Klawang. As it’s just A drop by so we didn’t bring any towel nor clothes to change. So we just get to see the kids playing in that so cooling water…. :( Lucky Peter ko-ko willing to dip his leg and make himself ‘in’ the water…Ha ha….there we go!!

The water is sooooo cooling….Next time we go again ya, Peter ko-ko!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I believe you all know what is magic right?Lola,lolo & Uncle Dui Dui,this what magic we used to watch right :

Now, let me show you I also can do magic!! Watch properly this clip ya :


No it's not snow..SHI HUI keep saying it's like snowing coz the place is 'blur' (misty) after rain.And it is very cold!Look how misty is it..
But look at SHI HUI,she can still have fun without her jacket!Even the 2 malay ladies sitting day is 'impressed' with her!Funny icegal ho?

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Oh yeah!!!Our Genting trip was awesome!LOVEEEE the Kids Bumper Car most!Look at me when I was there on year 2007…I’m just che-che’s passenger…

But this time….ho ho ho…I am a driver myself!I can drive my ‘own’ car!But of course at first was quite bad as I keep knocking people and vice versa,I keep turn round and round & can’t go far..

But after that..I IMPROVED!!Look at my clips to see the difference.Remember che-che said we enjoyed more than 20~30 rides leh..of course improved la..hehe. Been driving from noon till 6pm!haha….(Can SEE ME?)

And at the end of the day...I am an excellent driver!!(TRY TO FIND ME)

Oh ya…I tried something special this time.Cousin Jacyn give me an idea to do hand waxing!!It’s FUN!No kids are dare devil like me!Cousin Jacyn is too excited about it until she forgot to capture the process of it : ( ..Anyhow you may look at the outcome!Thank you so much,Cousin Jacyn!!

Remember che-che said Cousin Jacyn brought us out to have a nice cool air while waiting for the gamblers?Look at us having fun!As you can see the first few pictures,I am without even my jacket on!!I'm AN ICEGIRL!!hahahaha...I felt it was like snow because it was 'blur'..:p

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Genting Highlands~~~yoo hoo...

It’s school holiday again!Peter ko-ko brought us to Genting Highlands!!After 2 years since 2007 we went back there..That time SHI HUI was only 2 years plus.You can see how much she enjoyed this time compared to our last trip.Not much pictures of me as Cousin Jacyn said no more ‘interesting’ pose from me anymore as I am well grown up now BUT there are only ‘pretty’ pictures of me…
As it’s only a day trip so we only played at the indoor theme park.Unlikely as previous trip we played outdoor theme park as well.So the best ride we enjoyed was the Kids Bumper Car!!Me & SHI HUI total took more than 20/30 times of that ride/game!SHI HUI will have plenty of her driving clips to share with you as me not at all as I AM A FANTASTIC DRIVER already!haha.This time Peter ko-ko & Yee Sam went for gambling session.So only me,mummy & SHI HUI.
At the end of the day while waiting for the gamblers (as later mummy joined them too),Cousin Jacyn brought us OUT to have a nice intake of the air there.It was damn cold as the rain just over.SHI HUI said it’s ‘snowing’ (actually it’s misty)..hehe.Not many pictures taken as compared to our last trip la...So will just let the pictures tell bout our a-day-genting-trip ya...

SHI HUI : Family Potrait!

Still remember that we took our first family potrait with my family & Yee Suk's?Now here is the outcome.Not so nice I would say as Cousin Jacyn,Cousin Caryn & Cousin Jane had been grumbling everytime they look at those pictures.Don't believe??Come on..take a look!
My family potrait :
(*Note: Yes!My mummy cut short hair if you noticed!)
Yee Suk's family potrait :The Famous Cousins potrait :

The Lovely Couples :

And last but not least....HAPPY FAMILY :

So what do you think??Not so good right?Maybe that photographer just over doing it.Sigh~~~~It's ok hope we can get a better one again next year! :p