Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On the First Day of Christmas My True Love....

Finally on Xmas Day,we woke up early to find our presents!!!

Actually these are what we get.

Only managed to take those.Because the rest was taken by the time Cousin Jacyn wanna take a picture of it!Haha!
Oh ya...forgot to show you Mummy's new Xmas Tree.

The ornaments are the same but look at the tree in these 2 different pictures.Can see the difference?

Ok see clearly here.The left hand side tree was put on top of a box.But the right hand side one wasn't.

Then Li Peng & Li Cheng came to wish us too.See they have pressies too from Mummy!

Then Mummy also got a present from them!

These are what we get from Cousin Jacyn.While Cousin Caryn bought us new clothes for Xmas!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sing like a speaker!!! :s

Yeah!Not sing like a BIRD!This SHI HUI sing non-stop!She occupied the ONLY mic we have!!Aiyoyo!!!
Then suddenly....

OH GOD!!Peter ko-ko also joined her!!!Wahahahahahaha.....

There goes our Xmas Eve.But stay tune for one more post on Xmas Day!!

SHI HUI : Karaoke Session

Xmas Eve not yet end.We sing all night long!!BUT saddest thing is there is only ONE MIC!!!Arrgghhh!!

We snatch here and there for the mic.But I think I performed better than che-che.hehehe.

I can say we sing non-stop la!!

At Church on Xmas Eve

Yeah,once reached home,Mummy can't wait to put up her new Xmas Tree.So we helped out.(Will post out her new Xmas Tree later).
Then we head to church.There is a mass and makan makan at church.
Look at us having fun.

Then there is a small performance to 'invite' Santa out.

Here is Santa!!!!Can you find us?

SHI HUI : KL Xmas Trip ~ 2

Ok let me continue!!
After Sunway Pyramid,the next day we went to Ikano Power Centre.It's a shopping mall also.The Xmas decoration theme was : Underwater Christmas. So you can see everything was like so underwater.With a pirate ship and creatures under the sea! Not bad...

Ok so it's LUNCH TIME!!For sure will be at Ikea!We love to have lunch at Ikea because it's so children friendly.Look at me licking those chicken wing,polished up the yummy cake,etc.

Well,stomach is full...So we continue our journey to The Curve Shopping Mall!!Haha....We really can walk huh?
The theme was......not so sure..but very garden-like with angels....Take a look la.

Then in between The Curve and Cineleisure there's something like a garden-made area...So we just snapping around lo..

Right before we leave and head back to Kuala Klawang....we met with..........

She's Aisyah Sinclair!Model cum celebrity.You can try google search on her,Uncle Dui Dui.. :)
She's so pretty!Mummy couldn't resist to take a picture with her...(Mummy was with Cousin Jacyn without us)

Then we both met her again in The Curve.So we requested to take picture with her.She was so delightful and friendly.

That's all about our KL Xmas Trip.Did you notice one thing missing in all our trips???
YES!!Santa Claus!!!!This year we didn't managed to bump into Santa Claus at anywhere :( Sigh.....But nevermind,we ENJOYED!!!

Xmas story still not yet end....Stay tuned for the 'next event' ya.Back to you Che-che!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

KL Xmas Trip ~ 1

Enjoy enjoy enjoy!That's the only word we can describe.This year we went to FEW SHOPPING malls to check out their Xmas decoration.And WOW!!!
First once arrived to meet Cousin Jacyn & Peter ko-ko we reached MID VALLEY Shopping Mall.The decorations are something got to do with Harry Potter kinda thing.Then while waiting for them we went up the stage to take a picture with Santa Claus & Elf!The last picture is our group pic!I post it out before this post too.

Then the next day,we went to ONE UTAMA Shopping Mall.There,the Xmas Decoration theme was 'White Christmas'.Everything was in white...Very nice too.

After One Utama,we went all the way to SUNWAY PYRAMID Shopping Mall.There the decor was magnificient.The theme was : The Magnifique Christmas!And it was SNOWING there!!Haha..Look at the pictures and try to find one picture where you can find drops of snow...

Can't find?Nevermind,watch this clip.We are enjoying a show while it's snowing!!

Can you see us having fun around the mall?

After that we had our dinner at FULLHOUSE.Yes the name is Fullhouse and the place is REALLY fullhouse I tell you!!haha

We took lots of pictures in Sunway Pyramid because at night we went to the Night Park at Sunway Lagoon!It's free entrance right now!We even took pictures with the Red Indians and Cowboys and even some performers!SHI HUI so brave went and shake hand with all of them!

After that we were enjoying some sightseeing outside and play water!!!

OK,Uncle Dui Dui,I think I will tell until here first.



YES!!!We made it to KL at last!!Althought it's a rush one but we made it!!!We cover few shopping malls in just 2 days time!!wahahhaha...
So stay tune for our updates.There will be LOTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS of pictures and video to be share out!

SHI HUI : ~~Chainz~~

Yes it's a game!In courtesy to Kynie che-che and her bf Nicholas ko-ko,would like to show her how I play this game!
Nicholas ko-ko,I will try my best to hit your target then you belanja me ice-cream la!wahahahha..

Kynie che-che,now you believe or not?

Monday, December 21, 2009

SHI HUI : Holidays

These are old pictures when we came on first week of school holidays.After that we didn't go KL as Yee Suk was down with denggi.
We went to have pancakes in Paddington House of Pancakes.It's our first time there.All the food in the menu are made of pancakes.It's yummy!!

Look at us enjoying our food and ME WANT more from Peter ko-ko!

Then we went to Ikea of course.Outside at the park there are a Pet's Day.So we managed to take some pictures with some cute dogs and pets.