Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Forever and ever STICKYYYYY!!!

As we all know SHI HUI is super sticky to Peter ko-ko and yes now she is STILL STICKY!!

She just have to stick to him whenever she can!!!

Even when Peter ko-ko is STANDING watching the news!!

Or when she is enjoying her jelly and he is enjoying his ice-cream!!!

But at the same time,Peter ko-ko also just love to be with us.Look at him.He just join us once he was back from work without changing his clothes yet!

Can you believe this couple?Neighbour aunty said Peter ko-ko is SHI HUI's boyfriend instead of Cousin Jacyn!Hahahaha...

SHI HUI : I LOVE..........??


Yes now is durian season!!We are always so blessed that we always have plenty of free durians to eat!Some of Mummy's aerobic members,some from Yee Suk's frens and sometimes even from Yee Sam's frens!!hahahahha
See my favourite Yee Suk doing the job :

Lola,Lolo,Uncle Dui Dui if you all also like durians.......come and enjoy with me! :p

Monday, July 26, 2010

We love FIFI~~ Fifi is our love

Yeah,me and SHI HUI really in love with Fifi.We can played with her all day long!Both of us can just sit in sweat behind at the kitchen near her cage playing and talking to her!In sweat!!Haha..
My time are lesser as I am busy with school and school homeworks.Unless when it's weekend and at night I will spare my time with Fifi.
Unlike SHI HUI,she has plenty of time with Fifi.As SHI HUI has less homeworks.Look at her.She just have to carry Fifi whenever she can and even when she is busy watching tv!
See how SHI HUI likes to play with Fifi.
When she sleeping and difficult to wake up,we just let Fifi wake her up.She'll be glad with no fuss at all! :p

However Fifi is very cute.Look at her....hehe..LOVE U,FIFI!
SHe is not only cute but very clever and obedient too :p :>

Thursday, July 15, 2010

SHI HUI : Come and View me!

Alright,this is just to inform that my teacher created an account in Facebook.So Uncle Dui Dui & Aunty Jane,if you are on Facebook,please search for : Methodist Jelebu Kindergarten
Add it and You will see me in school.What do I do in school... :>

Sunday, July 11, 2010

SHI HUI: Fifi's open house!

Yee Suk's friend gave Fifi a big cage!But it's old.So Yee Suk plan to re-paint it!It's rainy days now.But Yee Suk never give up.Finally after a WEEK,Fifi's new house is ready!Yee Suk even cut a small wood to make Fifi more comfortable in her new house :>

Most fascinating part is.....Since today is Fifi's 'house warming',Yee Sam get Fifi to pick 4 numbers as her house number!!!Oh yeah!!!Fifi did picked 4 numbers..Then Mummy & Yee Sam find a ribbon or something and make the house number for Fifi's new house!!!!

Can you spot the numbers???? :p

If can,faster go buy 4D!!!Hahahahaha.....

No many pictures as Cousin Jacyn and all are not back home yet.Only one picture from Yee Suk's mobile.SO LOOK HARD AT THE NUMBERS o!!!!!!Heee....

Cousin Jacyn called me today to tell me what she bought for Fifi.Wait to see how we decorate more on Fifi's new house ya!!!

So stay tune!!! :>

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Toy Story 3

This is old pictuers.Cousin Jacyn totally forgot and do not know bout this pictures as they were in Peter ko-ko's mobile.This was taken on our last trip to KL.It was Toy Story 3 fever!!

Uncle Dui Dui,have you watch that movie?We not yet watch :(

Since we are in Mid Valley to fetch Cousin Jacyn,Peter ko-ko snap some photos for us.

Then we jam all the way back...BUT.........

when we were in the jam.......SUDDENLY.......................

SHI HUI Saw this :

It's RAINBOW!!!Very clear one!!!Lucky lucky!!! :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Super Sticky Episode....

...again!!!Yes,I meant SHI HUI!As we all know..In the house she is sticky to Yee Suk.She is Yee Suk's favourite pet!Yee Suk very very sayang her indeed!!:> This is her everyday sticky-to-Yee Suk routine.She will sit with him,lay down with him and even had her afternoon nap with him!

BUT besides Yee Suk.....

When someone is here...SHI HUI will divert her stickyness to this person!!Guess who????

Hahaha...Peter ko-ko lo.....She have to stick to him even when watching tv at a very weird position too!!Aduiiii....

Look at how Peter ko-ko 'rejected' and pushed her away....she still insist to sit on him to watch tv together!!!Aiyoyo,SHI HUI!!!! :p This is a very normal routine between SHI HUI & Peter ko-ko.HEhehehe....

Monday, July 5, 2010

SHI HUI : New house!

Finally we get our new house' key.So last weekend we went and do some 'gardening' as the small garden already full of grass!!

Look at how we did from this :


This :

Everyone of us clean and clean and clean...somehow..Cousin Jacyn can sneak of to snap some pictures!!Aiyoyo....hehe

Look at che-che trying to help.She work very hard oo....But that hoe is too heavy for her.Then Peter ko-ko came and teach/help her.Haha...Che-che is very helpful indeed.

But then....I also very helpful....See!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fifi is a clever girl!

Fifi is only about 5 months old now.But she can understand us a lot.She is very manja.She will ask (bark) to get out of her house when it's time!Example,after our dinner she'll surely have to be out of her house.She will bark if no one brings her out!

She can also understands some instructions.Yee Suk trained her when she was having her meal.She will 'SIT','DOWN','STAND' as taught!

Look at her..

Yee Suk also very sayang her.He bathed for her EVERYDAY!!!EVERYDAY I can tell you unless it's a rainy day where he doesn't want her to get cold :>

SHI HUI : Fifi is my sister!!

Now we are all very obsessed with Fifi.Yes!Day & night we can just play with her all day long!After school,after I'd settled down,I'll just carry Fifi out and play for a while...Then after finished my homework,I'll bring her out and play again...After nap and dinner,we'll take her out again to play with us!Haha...

Look at me....I just so sayang Fifi....I said she is my sister and I am Fifi's che-che.hehe

Look at how I played with Fifi...