Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SHI HUI : Fly Kite!

This is the first time we are exposed to kite.Peter ko-ko was here again for work last week.He decided to buy a kite (to practice) before we fly it at Port Dickson next month!Nearly everyday after work I will asked him to play kite!hehe....
But.............either he don't know how to fly kite OR the kite is a cheap kite!It can't fly up!!!arrgghhhh....look at us.

(not many picture taken.so it can be a little blur as it's taken by mobile phone)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday,Cheng Wei ko-ko!!

Todayy is Cheng Wei ko-ko's birthday!We would like to wish him Happy Birthday & many returns! :)
But we threw him a mini surprise birthday party on last Saturday.Me & SHI HUI were extremely excited and SO INTO it!!Let me story..
Look at what we prepared for his surprise.
Yee Sam made him a cake with his name on it (hope you all can see the letters.hehe)
In conjuction with mooncake festival,Cousin Jacyn bought him mooncakes with special flavours.Main character is DORAEMON!!!It's Cheng Wei ko-ko's FAVOURITE cartoon!These are all mooncakes!The Doraemon is mango flavour (mango-tango),the watermelon look alike is something like dragon fruit flavour and the brown is Tiramisu flavour.YUMMY!
Look at the whole thing.It came with a nice box and a Doraemon's bag.All are SOOOO~Doraemon!Hahaha....And Cheng Wei ko-ko is SOOOO HAPPY!!There goes another items for his Doraemon collections!
We were waiting for his arrival.

Then when he is on the way,we switched off all the lights at home.
SHI HUI is waiting behind the pillar...

While me at the staircase near the doorway.
Here it goes,the first wish he got to make.

Then another wish (2nd) he got to make...

He was holly excited!AND THEN....there goes his third wish!!!Oh my,Cheng Wei ko-ko is so lucky.He got total of 3 wishes for his birthday this year!!

Of course there are some food (supper).
And last but not least,Cheng Wei ko-ko opening his gift and posing with some of his gifts.
Mummy gave him ang pao.
Cousin Caryn & Ah Yuke che-che bought a Hugo Boss perfume for him.

SHI HUI : Spongebob SquarePants!

Aha...it is one of our favourite cartoon.Still remember Scooby Dooby Doo we introduce to you all before?This time is SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!It's bought by Cousin Jane at her nearby office when she was having internship in KL.Thanks,Cousin Jane!!And this is how it looks like after it's boiled.(Can you find Spongebob,Patrick,Squidward & Gary?)
It goes with a very very cheesy 'soup' (this picture was cropped as Cousin Jacyn totally forgot to take a picture of it!)
Frankly I'm just OK with it but che-che just LOVE it!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Will miss you,YUS!!!

Our dog passed away peacefully.... : ( We were so sad.SHI HUI woke up and saw YUS was not in so she asked Yee Suk..Yee Suk just keep quiet and went out to fetch Cousin Caryn.Yee Sam was the one who told us that YUS passed away already : '( Yee Suk must be very sad...: (
May you rest in peace,YUS.Find your way and reborn to a better creature.We love you....
Here is one picture of us with YUS on last year September's mooncake festival...

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Lola,do you all know what is KEPOHCHI means?The meaning is BUSYBODY in one of the Chinese dialect.So do you want to know who is KEPOHCHI (KPC)??It's SHI HUI!!!
As you know Mummy do buy 4D right?Well,not only Mummy la...Yee Suk,Yee Sam & Peter ko-ko also buy 4D.So whenever it is a 4D-night,Yee Suk will get the 4D results back for the 'winners' to see if they win any $.Haha..
Last week,Peter ko-ko went home earlier a day,so this SHI HUI is sooooooo KPC,she called him just to ask if he win number!!
Look at her asking him and even read out the numbers for him (as requested by Peter ko-ko throught the phone!!!)

Just in case you don't understand what she said,the whole conversation roughly sounded :
9007…Then 2952,and then….your car number what number??3741……dun have o…yee suk said yee suk come back n said aiyo..no luck one…yes ah….i say your number already ah….you see computer la (asking Peter ko-ko to see thru internet)..ooo…..

And the last clip roughly sounded :
Hello peter ko-ko ah…neh the number I not yet said finish oooo…aahh…7916..and then…3958…..and then 2103….no,2103….yes ah…and then got..got…..6707..6707..and then 6702….2…. (Cousin Jacyn can’t continue anymore cause she need to laugh out LOUD!!)

So anyone want to buy 4D today??????Hehe :p


This is just a usual post....As USUAL,SHI HUI is good in camwhoring!She can take her own picture herself with Cousin Jacyn's cell phone.She can even DELETE the picture if she doesn't like it!!!
These are pictures taken by herself :
And these are some pictures she took of me:
This is one I took of her (She is too bossy don't want to give me the cell phone!)
But this is no way she's the one who take la.....It's taken by Li Cheng.

SHI HUI : Cycling!

Well,we never tell you about our cycling moments right?Because we are actually not really good in cycling!And lately only we tried cycling out of the house.And che-che's lately only took out her 'balancing tyres' (the 2 small tyres I mean).She still cannot CYCLE without that balancing tyres.Later you will understand what I meant.
Aha...ready to go for my cyling evenings.(Che-che already practicing out there!)
Me in some silly posts with my bicycle.
And of course my sweet che-che.
Not to forget,our neighbours are there to watch us cycling too.
My best friend, Hao Yen :
Oh yeah...I can fetch Hao Si too!!!(I'm fatter than her!haha)

Alright...here are some clips of me cycling,che-che in her learning process without the balancing tyres and of course me fetching my best friend!!hahaha..ENJOY!!!