Monday, February 13, 2012

SHI HUI : Happy Time with Fifi!

We had soooooooo much fun with Fifi on CNY!With Cousins+gang,we keep letting Fifi out and run around!
She was so happy!!!
We love Fifi!!!

Here are some of our moments with her.....

Fifi also gamble with us!!! LOL

Thursday, February 9, 2012

SHI HUI : Big Wishing Lantern!

If you could remember we did put up a BIG BIG lantern last year on CNY.

This is year we did too on the last day of CNY!!

As usual we all wrote our best wishes on it.Everyone wants to have their wish come true...


Can you read our wishes???

Even Fifi joined in the crowd!

We fly it high up!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Chai ~ 2012

It's another year again!This year is Dragon Year.So it's Mummy's year! hehehehhe

As usual,CNY is all about makan and fun and gamble!!!We were so busy gambling nearly day and night when Cousins are all back home!Hahahahaha......Gambler of the year is SHI HUI!!!She keep on want to gamble to win $$$ ......

On the eve & last day of CNY,there were dragon and lion dance!But Cousin Jacyn wasn't back home on the eve.
However,check out the lion dance on the last day of CNY.

SHI HUI even went and touched the lion for good n for luck! :D

We lou sang for good health and wealth too!!

Look at our home-made Yee Sang :

And what happened to it after we 'LOU SANG'!!!

Since Li Cheng won some $ from us from the gamble she treated us this too :

Cousin Jacyn made an apple pie (picture below) & egg tart (forgot to take picture)   :D