Tuesday, January 19, 2010

SHI HUI : We quarrel and.....

Yes..I do quarrelled with Peter ko-ko sometimes...There are few times he got so angry for my mistakes and behaviour and shouted at me!Seriously loud and fierce I can tell you. :(

There is one day,Peter ko-ko kinda playing with me.My mood wasn't that good at that time so I scold him and show my temper...Peter ko-ko got frustrated and scolded me so loud and so fierce... :(

But after few hours.....

I couldn't resist to STICK to him back!!He pretend to sleep with Cousin Jacyn..Hehehehe....Eventhough he is not going to talk to me but I will still stick to him till he give in!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

SHI HUI : Game Lesson for Yee Sam :p

Yeah...not only che-che know..Now I also know how to play game from Cousin Jacyn,Cousin Caryn & Cousin Jane's mobile.ie If for Cousin Jacyn's,I will play the Bubbles game.For Cousin Caryn's mobile I will play Super Mario and Cousin Jane's I will play Totally Spice!!wakakkakakkaahahaha....

They sometimes felt annoyed with me.

But there is one night I teach Yee Sam how to play the game via Cousin Jacyn's mobile!!hehe..

See Yee Sam follow my instructions...

Yee Sam paying attention...

But she still need my guidance la...haiya...hehe

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mummy's Surprise!

Ok...want to know what's Mummy's surprise yesterday from Cousin Jacyn & Cousin Caryn?

Alright.....dang dang dang dang.....

She got this from Cousin Jacyn + Cousin Caryn + Peter ko-ko + Yee Suk!!

Mummy was really surprised and VERY happy bout it.Look at her face!haha

At night we did a small celebration by cutting cake with some RED EGGS of course.
Cousin Jane sent the pictures via mobile to Cousin Jacyn who was in KL.
Happy FAMILY!!

Happy Birthday,MUMMY!!

Today is our Mummy's Birthday!!Let's wish her a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!May God bless her and family always! :)

Tonight we will be dining out for dinner as Daddy is back too.Too bad only Cousin Jane & Peter ko-ko are here :(

But I heard Cousin Jacyn & Cousin Caryn maybe giving her a surprise tonight!Let's wait and see ya!!! :p

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Peter ko-ko is a funny guy.He not only will play with us or Read with SHI HUI....He will also SING with her and made us laugh!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

'Play' Masak Masak!

One day,SHI HUI is trying to be good (Kepoh actually).She offered to help Yee Sam in the kitchen!

Ok lo...since Yee Sam is busy so she let SHI HUI wash some plates...

Yee Sam let her cut the leftover vegetables!!!

BUT.........Want to know what happen??

After that she got this :