Tuesday, December 28, 2010

SHI HUI : Xmas 2010 ~ Part 3

Yahoo!!!It's gift exchange time!!!!!!!!Me & Che-che (and even all cousins) just can't wait for it!!! :p

First,we all take a dip!!!

Then we checked on our numbers...Want to know who got the 'grand prize' of the BIG RED Table???
It's Cousin Jane!!!She got it from Peter ko-ko!!

Second 'grand prize' won by Cousin Caryn.Gift is from Cousin Jane!! :D

I'm so dissapointed that I didn't get it!!!!:S

I got my gift from che-che and che-che got a gift from me!!!!Aiyo!!!!!!!! :(

Yee Sam's gift is from Mummy :

Mummy's gift is from Cousin Caryn :

Cousin Jacyn's gift is from Yee Sam :

And last but not least,Peter ko-ko got a very small gift from Cousin Jacyn!Hahaha..

Without wasting time,we all unwrapped our gifts!!Heeee.....

Look at what all of us get!!All we can see is smiles are on our faces due to the fun and craziness!!!

All happy faces!!!Hehehehe...
But I was quite unhappy with what I get!! :( Untill.......Cousin Jacyn & Cousin Caryn came out with a surprise for me & che-che!!!

We have another gifts from them!!!YAHOO~~~~~~~~~

NOW I AM HAPPY!!!!Hehe...I'm smiling from ear to ear after that!! :p

Anyway,ALL OF US are happy!!!Coz at the end of the day,we all get a 'red packet' from Mummy!!

That's all for our Xmas 2010 this year!!Hope it will be a GREAT ONE AGAIN next year!!

Uncle Dui Dui & Aunt Jane,what about you all in Philippines??

SHI HUI : Xmas 2010 ~ Part 2

We had steamboat on Xmas nite.It was very fun!!Look at all of us having fun!!

Cousin Caryn in action!!

Cousin Jane in action snapping all-the-way!!

But most important are.....look at all the pressies!!!Wahahahahaha.....Can't wait for it huh?!!
Try to look at the 'grand prize'!!! :p

 All of us with our own pressies!

But whatever it is,let's MAKAN FIRST!!!

After makan,we relax and chill out while waiting for the gift exchange session!

Me & che-che play UNO!Now I'm so into UNO.Yee Suk called me 'UNO QUEEN'.heee

Tell more on next post with lots of pictures!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Xmas 2010 ~ Part 1

It's Xmas and we were at Cousin Jacyn's house!It was a very very short trip that we only managed go to one place.Met Santa and took a picture...

Some pictures taken....So colorful right??

There's a performance too!While waiting....

See their performance :

Later at night we had steamboat at home and gift exchange session!Shi Hui will tell more on it!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Hi Lola & Lolo,

MERRY XMAS!!!!!We are having fun in KL now.Will upload many pictures soon ya.


Friday, November 26, 2010

SHI HUI : My record in CHAIN

When my trip here,Cousin Jacyn is too busy to entertain me.She is busy chatting with friends online and the rest busy watching tv.So she let me play my favourite game ~ The Chain.This was introduce by Nic ko-ko and Kynie che-che.

I played quietly there without disturbing anyone!!Hee......

Then when the clock hit mid night,it's time to sleep....I'm still playing!!!(meaning not yet game over)!!!

Cousin Jacyn was impressed with my score!!Hahahaha.....Silly her she went and snapped a picture of it!
Take a look at my score :

But I still need to give up coz everyone is going to bed... :( Cousin Jacyn just switch it off JUST LIKE THAT after snapped a picture of it! :'<

I still can go further!!!hehe

Nic ko-ko,I geng or not???hee :p

Sunday, November 21, 2010

First Xmas Tree is up!!!

Yeah...The first xmas tree is up for this year!!No no...Not Mummy's one...it's Cousin Jacyn's xmas tree!!!
We all helped her to set up the tree for the first time!! :D

Everyone was so excited bout it especially Mummy!!Hehehe...

Peter ko-ko doing the 'last thing'....

Before :


After :

Hehehe....too bad KL's xmas decoration is not up yet.So seems like we have to make another round to KL again!!! :D

See ya!!!

SHI HUI : 4th Dance

My last performance was the NOBODY dance.

The outfit was a little sexy ha????Hehehehe.....

Anyway,check it out :

SHI HUI : 3rd Dance

My 3rd dance is something got to do with pom pom thing!!

Errr...no video for this as Cousin Caryn is the one who took the clip BUT she can't upload it into her laptop!!!arrghhhh........

We'll wait and see if she can solve the problem ya......Meanwhile only pictures to show :(

Saturday, November 20, 2010

SHI HUI : My story telling

Remember I was telling that I will be performing in one session of story telling in my concert??
See how I practice from home for like about few months to complete the whole story!

Then....this is me performing LIVE at school :


What you think??All of them says I didn't do well at school :(  They expect better performance from me...

Sigh~~~ I'm only 5 years old lah.........