Sunday, May 31, 2009

SHI HUI : Moments with Cousin Jane

Ever since June 2007 post,here are some moments of me with Cousin Jane.She is back for holidays again.She just like to take picture with me I guess.Hee :pAnd this was taken when I'm having fever!haha..
(p/s:Uncle Dui Dui & Aunty Jane,you may also click 2007- June to view my moments with Cousin Jane and to see the difference of me! :> )

Bento bread?

Lately Cousin Jacyn was kinda crazy of bento stuff.So she search and search and started with this bento bread cutter!She bought it and let us try on it!I did a bear shape and SHI HUI did a rabbit shape!Cousin Jacyn spread peanut butter on the bread and let us try to cut it and that's what we have!We 'sapu' EVERYTHING bread with the shapes and Peter ko-ko have to eat the balance...haha...:p

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Bad bad news!!We didn't go to KL this weekend as mentioned by che-che.Sigh~~~All because of che-che!!!!:x..She score very poor in her exams,so Daddy do NOT allow us to go KL this week!arrrgghhhh....But Yee Sam & Cousin Jane went.They all went to Genting together.I showed my 'black long' face when I see Yee Sam & Cousin Jane inside Peter ko-ko's car!! :(
School holidays are still on for 2 weeks,hope next week we would be allowed to go KL!
However,out of the sadness...Peter ko-ko is soooo sweet!He bought us few pairs of Power Puff Girls clothes!!!LOVE U,Peter ko-ko!!!He was alone in Jusco when sales time...and here it goes.....
Only few picture taken though.Enjoy!And pray hard that we will be able to go KL next week!!!
Like this yellow one the MOST as they all said I look sexy in it!haha...

Che-che's dress- this is the BEST!!Good taste,Peter ko-ko!! :p
(p/s: sorry for the blur picture)

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Lola,my mummy won the so call Aerobic Exercise Competition on Sunday!!Congrates,Mummy!!She didn't win it alone but it's a group aerobic.So her group won First.Prize is RM500 & a BIG hamper to share it out.
Will try to post out her picture once she got it from her 'Teacher'.hehe..Mummy is sooo hardworking,after all the practices finally they make it!!Give her a clap la..:p

p/s:We will be coming to KL again as holiday is coming!!!We are all excited!!Peter ko-ko is coming to fetch us!!Yahoo~~~~

Saturday, May 16, 2009

SHI HUI : My New Swimsuit

As you all know we just love swimming.And I myself have few swim suits but Cousin Jacyn bought me another cheap swimsuit!This time is apple green color!One brand new color for me as I used to love PINK then I like WHITE already! :p
Check me out in this new swimsuit..Still sexy huh?
And always my pretty che-che...She has few swimsuits too but now all doesn't fit anymore.Cousin Jacyn should buy her a new one already.OR perhaps,Cousin Caryn,you should buy one for her la! hehe :p

Monday, May 4, 2009

SHI HUI : Korean House

We tried another Korean Restaurant oo..It's called ''KOREAN HOUSE''..Not so nice...But the place was interesting..Check it out!

Happy Birthday to Ah Yuke che-che

This pretty girl is Ah Yuke che-che.Last Saturday was Ah Yuke che-che's birthday.Oh ya,Ah Yuke che-che is Cousin Caryn's friend.But she also very sayang us.They bought her cupcakes this time!Special ho...hehe...

Seems like OUR friends too ho...hahahahaha....In the picture are Cousin Caryn,Ah Yuke che-che,Mei Sien che-che,Cheng Wei ko-ko & Smelly ko-ko!:P

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Due to the attraction from TV showing there is an exhibition on dinasour,me and SHI HUI keep pestering said that we wanted to go!We wanted to go sooo much until SHI HUI can said the word 'EXHIBITION'!haha..At first she pronounced it as Dinasour Agibition(don't know where she learned it)..until we keep correct her and finally just before the day she finally can pronounced it clearly = DINASOUR EXHIBITION! :)
The exhibition was pretty pricy as not many things to see inside though.In fact SHI HUI was scared throughtout the visit.Look at how afraid was she.
Nothing much to talk bout the EXHIBITION,so you all may view the pictures.


We celebrated Mother's Day earlier a week as we were all in KL!Guess what?!Cousin Jacyn got the idea from her birthday last month so she and Cousin Caryn threw a surprise party for all the 4 mothers (Mummy,Yee Sam,Peter ko-ko's Mummy & Tai Yee).Look at how surprise are they!! Then we had an 'open ceremony' session..All were given a 'doorgift' too! :p

Not to forget the cake cutting ceremony!

We were all so happy especially the mothers!