Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to me~~ conjuction with Aunty Connie's visit,mummy plan to celebrate my birthday together as my original date is on 6/10/08 (next Monday).So Yee Sam quickily get Cousin Jacyn to grab a cake after work...and here we are...cutting cake after the dinner at the restaurant.Unfortunately,Cousin Caryn couldn't join.:<

SHI HUI : It's Aunty Connie!!

Let me introduce to you the special guest.It's our Aunty Connie!She is mummy's aunty.She is from Philippines but she now working with an Australian.She came to Malaysia for holiday and for some working reason.We spent some time with her and treat her a dinner at daddy's working place (Marco Polo again :p).She is delighted and tried all the food we ordered.She loves me and che-che.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Waiting.....Can't wait!!

You must be wondering what are we waiting for huh.....waiting for next week lo!!Next week is Hari Raya holidays so my school is off for the whole week!So I heard we are going to KL on next Mon!!Can't wait can't wait!!We are treating someone special for dinner.....Stay tune to find out who ya.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

SHI HUI : Sweet moments with him...

Aiya Peter ko-ko,why you close your eyes?


Some sweet and funny moments with Peter ko-ko again.He is our best best friend!He loves to play with us too.I heard he will be coming this weekends again.:> But......Cousin Jacyn said she has a lot of works to do at they may not be coming back :<

Peter ko-ko,I miss Jasper leh.....when will you be coming back here again??Call me tonite la.I want to chit chat with you ok!hee....

Forever playful team ~~

Can you see how playful are we??We can do this non-stop and laughed and shouted and make sooooo much of noise!Cousin Jane & Cousin Jacyn can be real frustrated sometimes.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

SHI HUI : My Artwork - Part 2

Hey....after so many posts,it's time for me to show off my 'artwork' again.haha...This time che che didn't take part.I am the part time cameragirl for the night.Taking at night mode leh...acceptable la.


Hi all....forgot to mention,not only Cheng Wei ko-ko got surprise..actually me & che che also got surprise leh...
Do you guys know what is PPG stands for?It's Power Puff Girls!haha...Peter ko-ko & Cousin Jacyn bought us a pair of PPG each.Pink Color somemore,my favourite color!Thank you Peter ko-ko & Cousin Jacyn!!muaks......

p/s : Lola & Lolo,this is our latest look.I am a grown up girl now.I just cut my hair too.Too short Cousin Jacyn said.Lola,you still remember che-che's look when you were with her?Look at her now.She is well grown up too!Stay healthy ya Lola & Lolo!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Mooncake Festival~Part 2

Ok ok.....After BBQ Party,Surprise for Cheng Wei ko-ko....and now the MAIN part of the whole night was the MOONCAKE thingy!We..I mean they cleared up the tables and set it up for mooncake eating...haha...As you can see there are few mooncakes with few types of flavours.This is because Cousin Jacyn made a 'mooncake luck' party instead of pot luck. :> So each of the guests who came brought 1 mooncake each.That's what you see now.

Look!Guess what is this?I just don't know what is it call.But Yee Sam said this usually only have on Mooncake Festival time.It can be eaten but difficult to open it.As you can see Yee Sam is using a HAMMER to break it!

And last but not least.......

Happy Birthday,Cheng Wei ko-ko!!!

In conjuction of the Mooncake festival,we celebrated Cheng Wei ko-ko's birthday too.We throw him a surprise at the middle of the BBQ party!!hahaha...He was real surprised!!!Main sponsor was Yee Sam (of course).

Look at this birthday cake.It was made by Yee Some and the decor is by Cousin Jacyn!!hahahah...using 'fake' icing.She's good huh!!!hehehehehe Cousin Jacyn,I don't want this type of decor for my birthday next month ya :p

Present time!Cheng Wei ko-ko received presents too of course!It's his birthday!!!

This is from Yee Sam,the main sponsor...

This is from Cousin Jacyn & Peter ko-ko...

And this red packet ang pao is from Mummy!!!

The watch is from Mei Sian che-che....

And the wallet Cousin Caryn & Ah Yuke che-che...

SHI HUI :Lantern + Firework

While the people are cleaning for the 'next' agenda,the kids starting to play lantern and fireworks.Yee Sam keep the firework for us since CNY???Oh,we just love you,Yee Sam!!hee....

Me posing once the lantern was light up.For you guys information,ALL the scene are actually at the back of our house.

Aha..this time I am brave enough to play with the fireworks if you can see me being scared on CNY post this year :> :<>

But look at che-che.....She is always brave & playful!!!
Look at us having REAL FUN THERE and CHONG QIU JIE GUAI LE!!!!

Happy Mooncake Festival~Part 1

It's Mooncake Festival last Sunday!We celebrated it at our home where Cousin Caryn's friends were invited too.We had BBQ Mooncake Party.Haha...Look at us..from day light till night!

People who got invited :

This is Cheng Wei ko-ko.He is Cousin Jacyn's friend aka Cousin Caryn's friend's boyfriend.He is cute and like Doraemon.He bought 2 pair of clothes for each of us!!

Then this is Mei Sian che-che.She is Cousin Caryn's friend aka Cheng Wei ko-ko's girlfriend.Confused huh?hehe...She very sayang me & Shi Hui.She also bought another 2 pair of clothes for us each!She is cute too and like to change new handphones!!haha.....

And last but not least,this is Smelly ko-ko.His name is Choon Fei but we called him Smelly ko-ko due to some funny incident last time.He is Cousin Caryn's friend.He is a breakdancer & doing part time show sometimes.If you guys watch Alam's Story at Ntv/8TV,he was in 3 of the episods!!haha....He likes to play with us too.He is fun!!!