Friday, October 31, 2008

SHI HUI : oops

Oh yeah...thanks to Cousin Jacyn.That picture of me was when I am only 2years plus.It was last year's picture.But can you see me getting slimmer?Lola,I'm having bad cough these few months.Come and go.So no more chubby as last time.Yee Suk & Yee Sam are so worried.Peter ko-ko also said I have no more belly...He missed my belly I guess..:P
Look at my face to spot the difference!

Creativity again??

No...Cousin Jacyn tried one interesting website and did these!!So it's not creativity's a 'fake' creativity!!hehe....But at least she is 'creative' enough to use our OLD pictures...Miss my hair..:<

Monday, October 27, 2008

SHI HUI : Creativity!

Cousin Jacyn bought this tee for Cousin Jane.But it seems too small and fitting that even Cousin Jane couldn't get into it!Thus,the 'designers' had an idea to put it on me and make it as a dress to me.And it turn out to be REAL SEXY I suppose!haha..This is CREATIVITY! Thanks guys!But poor Cousin Jane have to give me her tee (NEW)....:P

SHI HUI: Happy Diwali!

Just some add-on,these are the pictures of overall :~

These are 2 of my cutest Indian look :

And of course not to miss a special edition 'Indian Dance' clip :

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai - Various

Happy Deepavali!

Hello fellow viewers,It's Deepavali!!Lola,Lolo,Uncle Dui Dui,let me explain to you all,this is another celebration in Malaysia for the Hindus.Mummy said no Deepavali celebration in Philipines.
So guess what?Cousin Jacyn bought us each a pair of indian costume!!Jeng Jeng Jeng Jeng....
Nice or not?? Look at us after dressed up.Cousin Jacyn even bought the bangles(only for SHI HUI as she don't know my size :<) and 'bindi'(to put on the forehead).Real Indian look ha....
We went to temple on Deepavali's eve,even the priest is happy to see us!haha...
This is in front of the temple.
And we are praying for EVERYTHING!
Then again on Deepavali day,we went to the Indian temple at the back of our house for some prayers...hehe...We definitely were in the mid of attraction!!We bring smiles to all people especially the Hindus!! Look!This is at the back of our house and our background is the temple...
So,Lola, Lolo,this is Indian celebration with their costumes.

Then,of course some clips where we 'join' the prayers and go round the temple (look at those people in temple,they were stunned!):

And some donations to be done as well:

*Stay tune for more pictures and short clips!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SHI HUI: Brush my teeth.

I started to brush my teeth since last year.And I brush my teeth everyday!Yee Sam says I am not as lazy as the adults!hehe...This is one of the day when I brush my teeth after supper.
Look at my toothbrush (pink colour of course) :
Happy while brushing my tooth :
And last but not least,a clip of me brushing my teeth!!(Cousin Jacyn is so silly ho)

We love it!

Peter ko-ko always pampered us.Last weekends he and Cousin Jacyn were here.So Peter ko-ko decided that we go to the playground again since so long he didn't bring us there.So while waiting for Mummy & Yee Sam aerobic nearby,we play upside down at the playground.YAHOO~~~Look at me and SHI HUI enjoying.This was taken on year 2006 when SHI HUI was only 1year plus :

But now Look at SHI HUI doing monkey tricks! (Look at the difference)

I can't do monkey trick anymore coz Peter ko-ko said he cannot afford to carry me.hee..Haha...then look at us playing the 'Colour stool' game.Just simply but fun!

SHI HUI : Happy Birthday,Yee Suk

For your information,last Mon (20/10/08) was my favourite Yee Suk's birthday.We didnt' really celebrate but of course we went and tried out new restaurant again at Seremban.Food is nice!At night we ate outside too.Initially,Yee Sam baked a cheese cake...BUT....the cake turn out 'not-done'.But Yee Suk is happy because he got some NICE presents from Cousin Jacyn,Cousin Caryn,Cousin Jane,Peter ko-ko,Cheng Wei ko-ko & Mei Sien che che too.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

In Memory....:'<

Still remember Jasper,the friendly hamster?He passed away yesterday (17/10/08) at 7.30pm as Cousin Jacyn's statement.We all so sad with the news :'(



May you find find your 'way' there.We will always miss you.No matter it's only a short period of timetogether and see you,we will always remember you.I believe the time and memories you spent with Peter ko-ko & Cousin Jacyn will be eternity.Peter ko-ko wish and hope that you will reborn as human in your next life.

With love always "

Friday, October 10, 2008

SHI HUI : Congrates,Cousin Jane

Cousin Jane did very well this time in her exams!Bravo & Congrates,Cousin Jane!!Love ya!

SHI HUI : My artwork again~Part 3

Aloha!!Don't feel boring my fellow viewers...this time is my artwork also BUT not by digi camera but by Cousin Jacyn's mobile!!Can you imagine I use her mobile to snap these pictures??Geng leh me....hhehehuauauauahhahahahahahhahaha.......

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ah YUS...

See this cute little dog?She is our dog.Her name is YUS.She is not small (as what you see ya).She is about 8~9 years old already if not mistaken.We love to play with her.But SHI HUI sometimes afraid of her.YUS can bark real loud.

Monday, October 6, 2008

SHI HUI : Model (Part 2)

Hey..It's me again - SHI HUI THE KUALA KLAWANG MODEL!As you can see some of my past modelling post in year 2007 and also the latest one on July posts.

And here I am again for a new dress modelling.Peter ko-ko bought for me on che-che's birthday!!haha...Look at me doing some short cat walking.haha....

(* Sorry it looks a bit dark after uploaded.Not sure why)


UNO Stacko..U guys should know bout this game right?We love this game.And SHI HUI also know how to play it since she was 2years old!Only that we were out of the rule when playing with her.She is quite obsessed when playing I can tell you.Look at her!

Each clip will have it's own funny 'moment'.Try to see if u can find out.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

SHI HUI : I don't 'lose' out too! in che-che's previous's true that I have many gifts too....Check it out!Yee Sam wondering is it che-che's birthday or my birthday too?! :p
This dress is from Peter ko-ko
This Barney cutlery set is from Cousin Caryn
And this colour pencils & writing set are from Cheng Wei ko-ko & Mei Sian Che che!

And of course some happy moments with che che.........Happy Birthday to you,che che as today(6/10/08) is your birthday.Many kisses to you!!!!MUAAKKKSSSS>.......