Wednesday, December 31, 2008

SHI HUI:Getting ready....

As 2008 just passed,getting ready for year,chinese new year and of course my first day of school!But all my cousin sisters and Peter ko-ko said I am so naughty and kepoh.hee...

Me & Lee Yong che che's doll...
Me getting ready to school.My new school bag!
I can do yoga ok.....Come on...follow me!
Well...I'm a drama queen as well...pretend I'm using the 'laptop'.
Pretend to study and doing homework... ;P

Once upon a time when my hair is this short!!!
Once upon a time when I am this chubby... cutest look for this season...hehe...
*Again,I just can't wait to go to school.I will be taking school bus to school!yahoo!!!Can take the same bus with Hao Yi & Yee Xing!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Goodbye 2008~~

2008 had been another splendid year to us.Both of us had grown up.SHI HUI is taller now and naughtier.I'd improved much too!Time doesn't turn back so let's look ahead to 2009.
SHI HUI will be going to nursery/kindergarden soon.Stay tune for her post yeah.Cousin Jane will be at school with her for the first day and hope would get some best shots of her 'performing' in class.haha....As for me,I'll be going to Standard 2.Nothing much on me.

So just stay tune yeah everyone!!

Let's welcome 2009!!!

SHI HUI: Xmas Celebration Continue_Part 2

On Xmas day,I'm the first n earliest.Put on our new clothes..There are carolling in our house too but Cousin Jacyn just can't find those pictures...Wait till she found it ya,Lola..

Let's shout ''MERRY CHRISTMAS!!''

Not to forgt Cousin Caryn bought these dresses for us.


And one special request from YEE SUK!!I put on the hat on him and snapped a picture of him!!I'd improved much on my photography right?

Xmas Celebration Continue....

Christmas fever still on...But since Cousin Jacyn wasn't here on Xmas time,so Cousin Jane took many pictures of us via her hp too.Some are backdated pictures.

Mummy wrapping presents...
SHI HUI the busybody girl...

On Xmas eve we arranging the presents..

The pinky girls!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Story Telling time~~~

HALLOOO~~~~Long time din update our blog huh..Cousin Jacyn didn't come back la...But Cousin Jane is here till 10 Jan 09.So she did took some clips of SHI HUI and send it to Peter ko-ko when he is here to fetch Yee Sam.We couldn't make it to KL this time as I will be attending a church camp on Sat & Sun.
But enjoy a short story from SHI HUI.She can tell story as good as me now.Remember she is not yet 4years old....Clever SHI HUI...that's y we all love her so much!

You may guess what story is she telling.....
*Switch on your speaker louder yeah..she's a bit shy I suppose :p

*FYI,The title of the story is ''Goldilock & The Three Bears'' if you ever heard of it....

Monday, December 1, 2008

Disney Festive Fun-tasy at NZX

Hello everyone,Peter ko-ko brought us to NZX (Niu Zhe Xui) at Ara Damansara.Now they have the Disney Lantern Festive Fun-tasy.We pay to go in and we have fun,collected some pictures & we won prizes(surprise,later)!!It was a tiring night but it was fun of course.
Check out our pictures...

Some close up :
Remember I said we 'won prizes'?They have some games there and Peter ko-ko simply won a BARBIE doll!!LOL...we were all so excited including the worker there!Thank you,Peter ko-ko,this is not the first time you won something for us!LOVE U!!!Look at these 2...they are trying to act like the Tiger behind...hehehehe