Thursday, August 27, 2009

SHI HUI : Sticky=Sticker

Aloha,as you all know I am sticky to my Peter ko-ko right?As usual,I am just sticky whenever my Peter ko-ko is around.Hehe :p
My whole Genting's unfortunately STICKY too!!HAHA...
Look at me in the hotel....while everyone is enjoying their home cooked lunch...
Dinner time also,he made fun of me.By making me look like a baby.arrgghhh

Then in the hotel...I just love rumbling (I know I sounded like a boy :<) with him!Even in the hotel I will just climbed on him and lay down to watch tv.When Cousin Jacyn asked I will just said I love his stomach...just like cushion.

At home also the same la.Even when Peter ko-ko is playing his game.Just can't leave him alone!!!Wakakakka....

Games & Gifts

Oh ya,as you all watching the games we played in Genting Highlands,we won few soft toys and coupons from there too.No pictures taken on all the toys we got but you can spot some in our Genting posts. :p
This is one of the game we played where we won something too.SHI HUI was lucky she won something too(A blue elephant called Allie & Geno).I didn't win anything but Yee Sam won a soft toy for me!(A dragon named Geno).

Genting Highlands again!!

As you all know now is school holidays.So of course we enjoyed our holidays!As you all saw SHI HUI's updates,now let me tell you that we went to Genting Highlands too!It's our second trip to Genting for this year.We put a night there.As usual,we will enjoy the indoor theme park.Let's see more picture later.
Can you guess WHAT are we doing from the pictures?

Then...surprisingly we got these from Cousin Jacyn's colleague :
It's candies from Starbucks!Love it so much!Thank you,Uncle!
We had Vietnamese food for dinner that night.It's called the Vietnam House.Look at the Coconut Curry with flames!Fantastic isn't?

See more pictures here :

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Simply I.K.E.A

Here are some pictures taken by Cousin Jane at IKEA last week.
Uncle Dui Dui,IKEA is a very famous and nice-to-go furniture shop.We love the Playland there too!Peter ko-ko usually will bring us there where he will enjoy watching cartoons while we playing inside and the ladies go shopping!We also can't miss the Curry Puff there!It's delicious!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SHI HUI : Wyeth is GOOD! :p (Part 2)

Well,you saw all the games I played??Isn't FUN??!I really enjoyed myself that day!
No no's not the end yet.After all the games,we waited for the mascot~Super Lex!We danced the 'Chicken Dance' with him!!It's very funny!Then you can see he 'pulled' Mummy too!!Haha...(Mummy had fun too oo! :p)

We had story-telling session from MPH.I answered one question and got a book mark BUT che-che is good.She answered 2 questions and got a bookmark plus a badge!!I was so jealous.

After that we played musical chair.I'm GOOD at it as I won!!hahahaha.Can see me & a Mat Salleh girl at the final round??Che-che lost at the very first round! :( Anyway,they are giving the same gift which are the goodie bag+toy.So we get LOTS of goodie bags that day!!!

Then we played another games where the ko-ko will shout Superman,Spiderman & Super-Lex!We will have to act accordingly.We played till the end and again won goodie bags!!!haha..

(*Note: Can you spot us?)

Monday, August 24, 2009

SHI HUI : Wyeth is GOOD! :P (Part 1)

As I told you I did many things in One Utama the other day right on Wyeth promo day.Ok let me story to you what I did & played.First I tried the station games.
Game 1 : What do you think are we doing?ok ok....look at the short video clip then you will know.We are suppose to 'catch' a special thing to get a gift and a chop.

Game 2 : I think you all can guess by looking at the picture right?Anyway,view the clip!

Game 3 : Jigsaw Puzzle!!Ok,this is not easy for me as I am not a puzzle mania..:(

Game 4 : This one is easy too so no video taken.
Game 5 : Aha!!!Weeeeeeeee.......this is new to me!I get the chance to play WII!!Look at the clip.I tried hard to 'break' the egg.Uncle Dui Dui,if you don't know what is WII,look at the second clip and see what am I doing- keep swinging my hands like that!hehehe..

Game 6 : This is weighing game.Quite difficult so Peter ko-ko is my 'helper'.Quite long Q so we waited quite long.Then Peter ko-ko start looking for the correct thing to get the correct weight of 2kg!Here we start!

BINGO!!!We got EXACT 2KG!!!haha!(lucky lucky)

Oh ok,not only che-che,I did my eye check-up too.But didn't try the machine as the ISEC people said I'm too young for it so it will be difficult to focus.Luckily I can read numbers,so I get to check my eye 'manually'.haha...
Then while waiting for my Super-Lex mascot to come out,I again had a break with my favourite milk!While enjoying my milk,I still can chit chat with some of the che-ches there.haha.

SHI HUI : In the morning...

Well,will update you guys my Wyeth's day later as many videos to be upload. :)
Let me tell you now what I wear to school!When Peter ko-ko is here then I will 'spent' some time with him.He will take my picture then accompany me wait for my school bus before he head to breakfast with my Yee Suk,Yee Sam & Mummy. :)

I HaD FuN tOo!!

Beside SHI HUI having fun,I myself having fun too.In fact I played all the station games too (initially I thought I was too 'big' to play).
Then I had my first eye check-up by ISEC who put up booth there.
Then of course we jalan jalan at One Utama.Silly us put on the face mask huh. :p
We had story telling session where I answered questions and got 2 free gift!(a book mark & a badge).SHI HUI only get one.haha.
(*Note: Can you SEE me?)
I played the musical chair too but I lost at the very first round.Sigh....SHI HUI was good in it.Check out her updates soon!

SHI HUI : Progress~>Promise (Wyeth)

Jeng jeng jeng,let me introduce to you the milk I drink since I was born.Till now (4years old) I still 'can't live' without it.Haha!
Last weekend we were in KL.Then there is this event organized by Wyeth in One Utama.Of course,we all went because it's MY MILK!!!!:p
Look at one of the booth.They have free sampling milk (I drank for more than 5 times!),station games to play and lots of freebies.We got soooooo many of the goodie bags!hehe...
I will tell you all what games I played there later in another post k.
Oh ya,after sometime of playing games,there come the mascot for Wyeth milk powder~Super Lex!

Got IT!!!! conjuction with SHI HUI's updates earlier,we got our FACE MASK!!!But it's neither from Cousin Jacyn nor Cousin Caryn.It's from Cousin Jane!!!!Yeah!!She is back home last weekend finally.Miss her..long time didn't see her.
She bought face mask for us!So excited and of course we tried it on!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

SHI HUI : Errr....old ones

Aiya,che-che,don't really have your old clips from year to year leh..Because when che-che came to Malaysia she still hardly speak fluently.Then slowly she goes to school and cope up.But by then I am growing and she is into serious 'business' already.So...sorry che-che.Hee...
Only can share with you some of che-che's old clips performance which you all watched before.But this is to recall back ma...So let's enjoy!
So call 3 different music with 3 different dances :

Overall,we are great superstars!HAHAHA

Backward clips...

Since not much updates,will show you all some 'back to memory lane' clips!Still remember those down to memory lane pictures in June post?
Now we will show you all how do we performed from year to year.Let me show you SHI HUI's clips :

2006 : When she is 1 year plus (she can't really sing yet so just dance)

2007 : Where she can talk like chicken backside already & sing her favourite Barney Song

2008 : Where she performed catwalk with her new dress & high heels

2009 : Think you saw this in recently post!

Such a performer right?hehehehe :p


H1N1 is getting worst here in Malaysia.What about Philippines,Uncle Dui Dui?
Now everywhere people wearing face mask.Even Hao Yen also wear mask when she is taking her bus to school!So.....being 'kiasu',I'd request Cousin Jacyn and Cousin Caryn to buy face mask for me last weekend when they were here.Here is the request sounded :
(While watching tv,many people is wearing face mask)
Me : Jacyn,Hao Yen also got mask leh...
CJ : Aha..SO?
Me : You buy mask for me lah..
CJ : Buy for what?! (She was wondering what for I need it as Kuala Klawang's air are 'healthier' i suppose :p)
Me : H1N1 ah!!!
Cousin Jacyn & Cousin Caryn look at each other.hahahahahaha..
I know what's happening OK!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Guess what is she doing?

Guess what is this little devil is doing?
Curi sweets or choosing sweets?
Aha...caught red handed!
Awww....she's filling up the purple empty container for her beloved Peter ko-ko lo.Can you see how busybody is she that makes Peter ko-ko sayang her so much!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

SHI HUI : My best friend.

OK,Let me introduce to you all my best friend.She is my neighbour AND my schoolmate cum classmate.We take the same bus to school.She is a timid girl and ONLY stick to me in the bus and at school.Her name is Hao Yen. :)

We are having great time at Li Cheng's birthday night.

And this is Hao Yen's che-che.Her name is Hao Si.She goes to the same school as us too.But she is in the 'big' class.

Li Cheng's Birthday!

Last Saturday was Li Cheng’s 11th birthday.So they had a big celebration for her as in Chinese,the 11th birthday have to be celebrated ‘Grand’.hehe..
Look at both of us..It’s like OUR birthday!duhhh.. (If you can see we were nearly in ALL of the pictures taken)

The POWER PUFF GIRL’s fan club :

(*Note: We are all in Power Puff Girl's clothings! :P)
Not to forget,we had a GREAT TIME playing games with Li Cheng’s friends.Unlikely like Hao Yen,SHI HUI is socializing with the crowd.As you can hardly see my picture here as I am busy socializing since I’d finish my food earlier than SHI HUI. :p
This is ONE BEST picture of me snapped by Cousin Jacyn!

(*Note: will show you all the clips of us playing the games with all the Ko-Ko & Che-Che in next round!)

SHI HUI : We are back!

Hello,Uncle Dui Dui!!!Long time 'no see' us right?Sorry ya.Did Mummy told you that Cousin Jacyn and gang were not here quite sometime?Finally they are back last week (except Cousin Jane).Not much update anyway.Hopefully the coming school holidays we will have MORE updates for you all.

Again my sticky episodes with Peter ko-ko.He was here whole week as he'd got work to do.So Peter ko-ko told Cousin Jacyn that I'd been sticky to him from morning (before I go to school) till night time after supper (supper is a MUST to me)!phew.....

As you all hardly 'see' che-che here recently right?Want to know why??...........................
Because now che-che is VERY SUPER BUSY with her school homeworks and tuitions.She hardly have time now.Look at mummy teaching che-che.Then Cousin Jacyn also be a partime teacher last weekend till che-che got whacked!!Sigh...poor che-che....Hope you pay more attention la...