Tuesday, May 31, 2011

SHI HUI : Rabbit Farm experience!

After a good-short-eventful Friday,it's time to go home.I slept through the journey with Cousin Caryn & Cousin Jane...and suddenly they decided to give me a surprise stopby the Rabbit Farm which is on-the-way back home!!I wake up without any fuss and yeah.................I had FUN!!!

Some hanging-bridge for us to experience how was the feeling...

It was fun and scary too if it's real hanging on a high cliff or mountain!!!

Look behind us...can you spot what animals are they???Try guessing...I'll tell you the answer shortly.
Me & Peter ko-ko fed the horse!!I wasn't scare at all!!!!

It's a rabbit farm so of course there are LOTS of rabbits around!!!Of course I got to feed them!!I even get to carry one of it!It's not easy to get one but by the time I got to carry it,the ladies are far away under the shade!Only me & Peter ko-ko witnessed it!! :(

Look at these goats!They all came to us when we reached the fence!!They knew we have food!!Haha..
I get to feed the old one.Look at him/her,it's old isn't? :p

Then,there are sheeps and horses again for me to feed.Another hanging bridge where all 3 of us can 'hang' on it!! :>

Alright,the answer for the question just now is....M.O.N.K.E.Y!

Yes,there are 6 poor monkeys in the rabbit farm too.So pitiful they got tied up and waiting for visitors to feed them!I am happy to feed them.I felt they are really smart animals.And I was impressed with them catching food from me by their legs when they couldn't reach it by their hands!!Smart monkeys!!

I was begging to ride on the horse but the weather was getting cloudy and cousins said NO.
Hence,we decided to stop for food when it's started to drizzle.As mentioned,we are at Rabbit Farm,so let's guess what do we eat??

Of course rabbit's meat!!!Look at what we ordered.

(Rabbit satay , Fried rice with rabbit 'dry-meat' & Spring onion claypot rabbit meat!)


Right after we done with our meals,rain stopped!I begged requested again for the horse-ride and guess what??!!

Cousin Jane was sooooo good!!She pleased me!!!Since rain stopped and main point,I AM HER PRINCESS!!!!!Hehehe...

Peter ko-ko helped me up on the horse and yee haaaa!!!!

The abang took me a REALLY short horse ride.I was happy though as I get to experience it alone.
(My first experience was with che-che in Genting Highlands if you can remember!!!)

I really had a great time!!!!Let's do it again!!!!! :>

Monday, May 30, 2011

SHI HUI : Short Trip to KL Alone!!

Oh yeah...as che-che said all of the gang came back for Fifi's birthday right??
Ok,so I think che-che forgot to tell you all that I was away to KL with Peter ko-ko??Well,Peter ko-ko was here for work,so I decided to follow him back to KL (yes,me ALONE) on Friday as the gang will be back on Saturday!And yes I went with him!!I had a great time alone with them in KL!! :D

At first I have to follow Peter ko-ko to do some work before we head straight to KL.I sit quietly with him whenever he had his interview with his client.As long as the iPhone is with me,I am easy!! :p

Once reached KL,we head to Mid Valley Shopping Mall to wait for Cousin Jacyn.While waiting,MV is having this promo on the movie of Pirates of the Carribean!So there are this theme decoration on the movie which is very interesting!

Look at all the pictures below and you will understand!

Then there is a short singing show from the casts-imitation of the movie!!I really enjoyed!!!The imitate-casts was awesome I felt!!And I got to stand REALLY near to all of them when they walked down from the stage!!Hehehe..

Can you see the mermaid???

At night we had my favourite supper!We had Roti Milo,Roti Tissue,Roti Boom & Cheese Naan.

Guess what roti is this???

Can't wait to go again as now is school holidays!!I want to bring che-che go and see too.No worries,che-che,will bring you there!!


Happy Birthday,Fifi!!!

Yesterday was Fifi's birthday!!So Cousin Jacyn & Gang came back to celebrate for her!Hehehe....Isn't sweet???
Look at what they bought for Fifi...

A 9" pizza & Meatballs covered with cheese flakes!

Cousin Jacyn & Cousin Caryn bought it online and these food are made by a dog-lover.So all the ingredients are really meant for dogs!!!Looks yummy right??? :p

We celebrated a day earlier as Cousin Jacyn & Peter ko-ko need to rush home yesterday noon.
Fifi in her new outfit..

Oh ya, 2 of Fifi's friends were invited too!!

We had a simple celebration on Saturday night behind our house.

We sang bark-day song for Fifi...

Look at Shi Hui the busy-body who helped Fifi to blow her candle!!Haha

All the dogs enjoyed their birthday treat!!Hehe...


Friday, May 6, 2011

I'm still doing good!

All of you must be wondering how come seldom see me in the blog updates right??

I'm a big girl now...Many homeworks and revisions to do as now I am in Standard 4 already.Things are getting tougher and harder for me.I need to catch up on my Chinese subject as Yee Suk is my only teacher out of the school!!!I also need to catch up with many new subjects and new format of the exams.
SHI HUI will be going through whatever I am going through soon once she step into primary school!!

In short,I am now should be getting ready for my BIG exam for primary school which is the UPSR!!I hope I can get straight As!!!If I get all As I'm sure Cousin Jacyn & Gang will sponsor me to Hong Kong Disneyland!! : )

So please pray for me ya,Lola!!!I will be taking my UPSR in 2 years time when I am in Standard 6.

However,no worries,so far so good.I am now waiting for school holidays to go to KL for a holiday!!Hope I did well in my exams for the first half of the year!!

Oops before anything,I will be participating in a Choral Speaking tomorrow!Wish me good luck!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

SHI HUI : Abang Zamri's wedding!

Last Sunday I tagged along with Cousin Jacyn & Peter ko-ko to her friend's wedding (kenduri).The abang I used to know as he always visit our house on CNY.He is one of Cousin Jacyn's best buddy from hometown too.
Che-che didn't get to join as she is busy with homeworks and she do NOT eat spicy food at all!!

Let's take a look at the couple of the day.....(but I was busy eating at the other end!!)

After that I get to take a picture at their 'pelamin' (the wedding seats)..Nice decorations right???

And last but not least,a video of the Malay wedding to share with you all.....