Tuesday, August 26, 2008

SHI HUI : Me, I & Myself -2008

Haha...me,I & myself again.This is version 2008 ya guys.The previous version was on August 2007 posts.Can go check out the difference ok.hee....

SHI HUI : Real silly moments

I'm loving it - Ronald Mc Donald!!

Love to play with Cousin Jacyn & Peter ko-ko's mobile with some silly frames.hehehehe...Lola,am I cute?

SHI HUI: Look alike?

People in Kuala Klawang says me & Peter ko-ko look alike wo.So fat & chubby.Worst is some even says I look like his daughter!!!Hey!I am my Daddy's daughter ok!!

What do you think??

Fun + boring

First time Yee Suk followed us for shopping last weekend.We went to Ikano Power Centre.While waiting for Cousin Jacyn,Cousin Caryn,Mummy & Yee Sam shopping,Yee Suk let us have fun with a giraffe ride.Look at us with Yee Suk.

Then Peter ko-ko also so boring waiting until put on sale caps on us and take picture.Gotca,Peter ko-ko!!Saw your reflection!!hahaha

SHI HUI : Now,My Artwork!!!

Hey all,don't think only che-che can take pictures ya.I'm the YOUNGEST photographer here.Look at my artwork.Not bad one leh....Some pictures Cousin Jacyn deleted!!!Those are the pictures of people's leg at the Korean restaurant.As it was Tatami-seating style,so I took Yee Sam,Yee Suk,Che-che & Cousin Caryn's legs!!hehehe...But too bad,it was deleted :<

My Artwork!

Dear all,I am quite a good young photographer you know.Look at my artwork.I can even take pictures of myself...only a bit.....inaccurate lah.... :p

Makan Makan~~~~

As usual we must go try out some nice food in town again.We went to Daddy's new working place to try out the food there-MARCO POLO.The food is nice and with Merdeka Promotions now!And guess what?Due to we are the family members,so the manager gave us free dessert (fruits) and at the end before we left he also said me & Shi Hui so cute and 'guai',so he gave us each a glass of ice-cream!!!Yummy yummy!!!

Still remember we tried Shabu Shabu,makan at Daddy's ex-working place,etc?This time we tried Korean restaurant-DAO RAE.It's recommended by Cousin Jacyn's colleague.This is the 2nd time we went there.But this time me & Shi Hui didn't wear our Korean costume :<

Eye on Malaysia

Hi Lola,Lolo & Uncle Dui Dui,this is the so called biggest wheel in Malaysia.It's called Eye On Malaysia.Sorry as the pictures a bit blur.We forgot to bring camera there as it wasn't plan.hehe...So just published out a few shots.Does Philipines had this wheel too?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Congratulations,Cousin Caryn!!

Congratulations to Cousin Caryn!!!Her convo was on last Sunday.All of us went to celebrate for her!It was pretty hot but still managed to take many pictures.Hopefully one day we will be like her!

Actually we 'graduated' too!!hahaha.....

Happy Happy.

Last week Peter ko-ko was in our house for the whole last week due to work.He bought Shi Hui a dress with Sleeping Beauty in it.I was so sad as Peter ko-ko said there was no my size!:<>

And here are some pictures taken by Peter ko-ko :