Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another Funny Conversation #3

Another funny conversation of SHI HUI & her best friend .......

Yee Suk : Hui,am I older or your Yee Sam older?
SHI HUI : Of course you la.
Yee Suk : Why me?
SHI HUI : You 60years old,Yee Sam 58 years only.So you older lah.
Yee Suk : Who said?!I'm 16 years old only.
SHI HUI : Har?You 16 years old?Then how come you didn't go study?Lee Yun che che (our neighbour) also 16years old but she goes to school!!
Yee Suk : ..................


Monday, August 15, 2011

Shi Hui's twins???

Hahahaha......since when Shi Hui has a twin???

Another funny conversation #2

SHI HUI is always Yee Suk's pet.So she always being stick to Yee Suk (whenever the GANG is not at home)....which means only Yee Suk is her best friend at home!!!

Another funny conversation on one of the days....

Yee Suk : Hui,your mummy older or Yee Sam older?
SHI HUI : Of course Yee Sam older lah...
Yee Suk : said Yee Sam older!! (Yee Suk trying to scare hear that Yee Sam may angry with that statement)
SHI HUI : Haiya...because you see Yee Sam's daughters all so big already..My mummy daughter still so small!!
Yee Suk : ...........

Everyone start laughing ahead with her answer!


Saturday, August 13, 2011


Lately,Cousin Jacyn brought back a new toy.She got it partially from her very best buddy...who also always buy me gifts...You may guess who..... :)

So that new toy can do wonders.We took many silly and funny pictures...Can you guess who is who??

Then I had some moments with my new favourit Guo Nan ko-ko too!!

With Cousin Jacyn of course...

Hahahahaahahhaahaha....I can't stop laughing looking at the pictures!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

SHI HUI : Baking weekend!

Cousin Jane,Conan ko-ko,Cousin Jacyn & Peter ko-ko were back!
Cousin Jacyn was so into baking mood that she brought back ingredients to do it with us so that we get to try all the baked stuff!!

On Saturday morning,she intend to make pizza!So she started with the dough-making.Quite difficult and she nearly gave up But finally got into the tune and we even helped out on the pizza topping!!!

It turned out quite good for a first timer like her!(No pictures as it was yummy and we forgotten to take picture!)

Then we still have left over dough,Peter ko-ko intend to show off his skills too by doing yao char kuey!!Yee Sam supervising him...hahaha

But it turned out........

The look was bad but the taste was good!!Hahahaha....

Then on Sunday morning,Cousin Jacyn decided to bake chocolate banana muffin!!With Me being her helper to mix the ingredients for her!

She was busy reading the recipe and mixed it well for me to stir it!

Peter ko-ko offered a hand too!

This is the outcome...

Again,the look doesn't look good BUT quite the taste is nice for a first timer (Hope she would make it again and improved more!).

She did made some in small cupcakes for me but forgotten to take pictures of it!

Anyway,we are all happy with the baking session.Let's do it again!!!! :D


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another funny conversation!

SHI HUI is always busy at home.She will be busy watching tv,playing with Yee Suk and neighbours.Unlikely like me,I'm always busy with my studies.

Last few days we over-heard a funny conversation between SHI HUI & Yee Suk.

Yee Suk : Hui,come we go out.I bring you go see my girl friend.
SHI HUI : Har?Your girl friend?Your girl friend not beautiful wan ah?
Yee Suk : Eh girl friend very beautiful one.
SHI HUI : Your girl friend is Yee Sam lor!
Yee Suk : Eh no girl friend is not Yee Sam.
SHI HUI : Your girl friend NOT beautiful one.
Yee Suk : You said my girl friend not beautiful I don't want to friend you anymore (Yeah,sometimes Yee Suk can be childish with SHI HUI)
And SHI HUI wouldn't want to offend her beloved Yee Suk will 'give in'....
SHI HUI : mean your EX-GIRL FRIEND is it?

EVERYONE in the house LAUGHED OUT SO LOUD!!!Especially Yee Suk!!!HAHAHAHAHAH