Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SHI HUI : 2011 'Last' Kindy Concert

It's my concert!!!And it will be my LAST concert in kindy!!!

Still remember my concert last year ??? You may click November 2010 here to view more!!

And my first concert in my kindy!Not many post on it but you may click on November 2009 here to view too!

Due to some problem with the pictures,here are only some pictures managed by Cousin Jacyn.
Pictures in Cousin Jane's camera went something wrong!!!! :(

Let's start with my concert story.As usual Cousin Jacyn started it off with some make over on me!

Me and Hao Yen.We had the same hairstyle too.Do we look like twins?

 Some snapshot before the event started.This is how my school stage looks like

The Agenda for that night!!Can you READ MY NAME????? (In chinese)

Singing from the Age 6 class.We are graduating...Can you spot me?

Me giving speech in English!!! :)

I GRADUATED from Kindy!!!!:)  Which means next year I will be in Primary 1!!!

I was involved in few dances...

Will try to upload the videos when Cousin Jacyn got it from Cousin Jane.

Stay tune for my FASHION SHOW TOO!!!


Friday, November 11, 2011

SHI HUI : ALL DOWN with Chicken Pox!!!

As you all know I just got well from my chicken pox!!

Right after me,Mummy got it!!!!Dang!!!!
And Daddy wasn't feeling well too.He is down with fever but hopefully he is not getting the chicken pox virus.I prayed hard NOT!!!!

Right after a day Mummy got it,che che also got it!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO now our house is like a sick people's house!!!

We hope all get well soon for Cousin Jacyn's wedding!!!! :)

Stay tune for my concert next week! :)