Monday, August 30, 2010

SHI HUI : Church 'dinner'

Forgot about this.Last week,Mummy's church have some gathering cum dinner.So we whole family paid and went for the dinner.We took 1 whole table.Thanks to Peter ko-ko,Cousin Caryn,Cousin Jacyn & Yee Suk for being there.: )

We got to take picture with this beautiful 'sister'

Look at us so happy.

I'm grown up girl now.Look at my big-girl look. :>

Sunday, August 22, 2010

SHI HUI : Henna art

Last Saturday,Cousin Jacyn & her friend came to our house to do some henna art.They did this and this to Cousin Jacyn & Cousin Caryn.

Nice or not?I think you don't have it in Philippines right,Lola?

And end up they did this to my feet!!

This is before and....


Nice or not? :>

Che-che didn't do it as her school is very strict!

Cousin Jacyn said we will do it again for Deepavali this year.So don't forget to see us on Deepavali ya!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

SHI HUI : Merdeka!!!

Forgot bout this post.We had a small celebration at the field few weeks back.It's a Merdeka celebration.They do it early as the Muslims wil be going fasting after that!

The ladies did take part in some tele-match!Haha..Look at Mummy & Yee Sam!

Wanna see them play bowling?This is called the Bowling Kampung!

They even take part in the Run-In-The-Sarong!Haha...SO funny..

But too bad they lost for both games.Anyhow at least they have FUN!!

As me,I'm all sweat!Waiting for my beloved Peter ko-ko to be here.....

Phew...he is HERE!!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

SHI HUI : FunFair at Seremban

Remember che-che said Peter ko-ko stopped us at Fun fair for a while?Yes,we begged & showed our pity face and he buy in!Haha... :p
Our first ride was this Space Ship!We chartered the whole ship!Che-che being brave and adventurous,she sit at the front sit!Look at che-che....she's in fear!!!wahahahha
Me forever with my Peter ko-ko lo...

After the ride,we hang around to see some games booth....Peter ko-ko wanna play but Cousin Jacyn don't let.She said waste money :(
So end up we......

Had another ride before go home.Yes...we played the bumper car.As this is adult bumper car,so each of us have to be accompanied by adult.
I go first with Peter ko-ko.
Then che-che...

So each one,one time,FAIR & SQUARE!!

Oops forgot....want to see how adventurous the Space Ship is??Here you go...

SCARY????ADVENTUROUS?? But I'm still steady and can laugh!! :P

Our first Bowling Session!

Finally Peter ko-ko keep is promise and make our wish granted!We went for our first bowling session last Saturday!Thanks to Aunty Mary and Uncle :>
We went all the way to Port Dickson.It was Uncle's bowling centre.We managed to play 8 games!!Haha...All of us played including SHI HUI.But SHI HUI only 'throw' and 'push' the heavy bowl.But I am doing great as Cousin Jacyn claim:p
But before we start out game,we got to see Baby Halle for the first time!
She is Aunty Mary's grandaughter.Isn't she cute?

See Peter ko-ko having great time carrying her and...

this is the best picture of the day!

Alright,back to our bowling games...

Before I continue further,let me introduce Aunty Mary.

Isn't she cute and pretty?She's Philipino too.
Beautiful Phillipines ladies :>

This is the Bowling Centre.

We started to warm up..

Why are they so happy???

Look at me in action la....If I'm trained I maybe a good bowler one day :p Coz I'm strong Cousin Jacyn said.haha

Want to see what SHI HUI did there?

She can only look around,waiting for the balls to come up,arranging the balls!

At the end of the day,she only...

Take more pictures with Peter ko-ko and end up playing his mobile!!

We managed to play 8 games in few hours time!haha..

Last but not least,thank you for the nice dinner,Uncle!!:>
After bowling,Peter ko-ko somehow spoilt us to rotten!He brought us to the Asia Funfair in Seremban!So stay tune for it ya!:>