Friday, January 30, 2009

On the 5th Day of CNY '09

Haha.....who said no mou-si (lion dance) on CNY?!We are wrong!!It's just only that the mou-si came late.He came on the 5th day of CNY.Too bad Cousin Jacyn,Cousin Caryn,Daddy & Peter ko-ko can't watch it.Of course Yee Sam 'invited' the mou-si to go in our house to spread luck + chase away bad luck!We were sooo excited and happy to see it!Mou-si even gave Yee Sam a number (4D).hehe...
Luckily Cousin Jane is here to snap A picture of us.SHI HUI no more afraid of the mou-si lo!!Bravo,SHI HUI!!!

Mou-si,lai lai ong ong ah!!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SHI HUI: I am sticky!!! mentioned by che che I am 'sticky'.Yeah,I AM STICKY!!!!I am too sticky to Peter ko-ko.I can be as sticky as a magnet or a plaster!hahahahaha...But Peter ko-ko loves me too la..He cannot afford to carry che che liao so....whenever Peter ko-ko is here I just can't leave him alone!Even when he is reading newspaper!I only leave him alone when he is sleeping...but once he open his eyes....jeng jeng sticky power drives into me in just seconds!I will request him to carry me high up (as I am lighter nowadays :p),I will play with him and laughed upside down,I will sit close beside him when watch tv,etc...Don't believe??See us having fun then!
This was taken on CNY's eve.
This was taken on 3rd day of CNY.

Play non-stop till I accidently farted!!!!hahahahahahahaha *shy*

Sticky Sticky even when watching 'La Cha' cartoon

Dancing together gather for CNY!!heeee

3rd Day of CNY '09

Peter ko-ko is HERE!!!!!Me and SHI HUI so excited!As usual we played together upside down lo.SHI HUI really ''stick'' to Peter ko-ko a lot.She can't even leave him alone!She always stick like a magnet and plaster to Peter ko-ko when he is here.
Cousin Jacyn,Cousin Caryn & Peter ko-ko will be going back to KL today because Cousin Caryn start work tomorrow and Cousin Jacyn is working on Friday.They will only be back on Saturday again. :<

2nd Day of CNY '09

As mentioned not many pictures are some pictures to share with you all on our 2nd day of cny.Due to economy down,maybe that's why no lion dance performance too :<

So we stayed at home waiting for visitors & of course me & SHI HUI also followed Cousin Caryn & Cousin Jane out to take ang pao at their friend's house!
Yahoo!!!!!Peter ko-ko is coming on the 3rd day of CNY which is tomorrow!

SHI HUI : Family Potrait~CNY '09

This year a little special as we are taking our family potrait together!Yee Suk & Family and our family.Our family theme is YELLOW while Yee Suk's family theme is.....multi-colours I suppose.hee...We went to the studio at the back of our house on the first day evening before we go to Daddy's friend's dinner invitation.
If you still can remember my yellow cheongsam (bought from HK by Cousin Jacyn) which still fit on me!Che che's yellow cheongsam also bought by Cousin Jacyn.Here are some pictures taken with Cousin Jacyn,Cousin Caryn & Cousin Jane before the shooting... And of course few of our family potraits taken at home.... Me & che che in our gorgeous yellow cheongsam!

The outcome of the real potrait is still in progress.Will upload once we got it ya.So stay tuned!!!!

1st Day of CNY '09

As usual on 1st day of CNY,we will put on our new RED clothes..then pray ah ma & ah yeh.Our first ang pao is from Yee Suk as Daddy will reached later.

How's our cheongsam?Many people said our cheongsam look GREAT!hahaha.....but sad thing is my cheongsam 'koyak' at the side slit right after few shots of pictures! :p So you won't see much of my pictures in this cheongsam:<
The first visitors came to our house are of course Li Peng & Li Cheng lo..
After that the first house we went for visiting is of course to our neighbour cum friend's house.Hao Yi,Hao Si & Hao Yen's house lo...Since no lion dance that day,so we performed our own lion dance at their house!
Look at Mummy,Yee Suk & Yee Sam all in RED waiting for my Daddy!

To tell the truth,not many pictures taken this year.But still can share some of the best moments with you all!!



GONG XI GONG XI!!!I think che che forgot to show you all our house.This is the front door decor (by Yee Sam & Mummy).

While waiting for Uncle Choi,would like to introduce to you all my friends!

Uncle CHOI is HERE!!!!!!Then of course praying again lo...

Happy NIU (cow) Year!!!

GONG XI FA CHAI!!!!It's chinese new year(cny) again!Time flies..So this year is the year of Ox.Cousin Caryn is born in the year of Ox!We started with some prayers on the CNY's eve.Then we had our reunion dinner.It's just simple but DELICIOUS!Bravo,Yee Sam!!

Then SHI HUI asking for blessing....blessing by asking for numbers (4D)???Oh dear...Check her out, she is expert in this...but maybe no luck that night for her as she got no patience..hehe..

Then while waiting for 12am,for another prayers to ''Welcome Uncle Choi'' to our house...we changed to our new clothes and wait for the 'GOOD TIMING'!