Sunday, February 28, 2010


Alright!Here is the best part of all!!!This couple is always the highlight whenever there are dancing performance!!The uncle is like 60+ and the aunty is younger than the uncle by 12 years!!But look at her body!!Look at how the uncle moves!!!Oh la la....phewiittttttt!!!

(Oops left out some more Fantastic clips!!)

Then of course a big group.....Aiyooo...Michael Jackson's song also can!!!!

Saturday night fever (27/2/2010)

Alright,after Friday's party,we had another round of party organized by some aunties right in front of our house!!!Yes I said IN FRONT of our house!

This is the view from inside of our house.

It was the party from the opposite elderly karaoke.Best part is they 'close' the road so we have the whole road ours!!hahahaha......

The agenda is :
1) Karaoke Competition
2) Arrival of one Datuk + Speech
3) Dancing performance (AGAIN!!)
4) Makan Makan
5) Prizes for karaoke winners AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST
6) Disco aka street party!!!!!

Oh yes....the aunties of our neighbourhood all are damn stylo milo!!!hehehe...

The karaoke competition started at 4.30pm when the sun are burning us!!!Look at us enjoying the performance from participated aunties.hehe.

Then at night is where the party will rock!!Foods....few performances...

After food and the Datuk went off,there's where all aunties 'open' a street party!!

But the best part be continue :p..

SHI HUI : Friday (26/2/2010)

Aiyoyo...not yet finish telling the third day of CNY,now we have to jump to last Friday's event!
Last Friday the Hakka Association held a CNY party.So we ALL went!!Even Peter ko-ko,Cousin Jacyn & Cousin Caryn were here too!
There were SOOOOO many foods!!!!(But we only managed to snap few).And they were super delicious!You can look at the pictures for more info.

But highlight of the night was my Yee Sam & her gang will be performing!Wow!!!Show you her performance here:

Monday, February 22, 2010

GONG XI FA CHAI!!! (2nd Day)

On the second day of CNY,Peter ko-ko came...That day the gang plan to wear purple!!But me and SHI HUI got no purple!!Haih.......

Look at the purple team.

But we also don't lose out.We are the 'red' team! :p

Then of course some makan session again (CNY is all about eat and eat and eat and eat!!!)

Some candid shots around the house.

Eventually,not many pictures taken as we are damn hot at home!!!Malaysia weather is really crazy hot on CNY!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


On the first day of CNY we all wear RED/PINK..ONG ONG ah!!!! :D
We get our very first few ang paos from Mummy,Yee Sam & Yee Suk!
Then....we had our FIRST very few guests!!Who else if not Lee Yun che-che,Lee Ping,Lee Ching,Hao Yi,Hao Si & Hao Yen!!They all came to visit our house.Sooooooo crowded,noisy and happy!!!

Oh ya...on the first day of CNY was Lee Yun che-che's birthday!!We sang her a birthday song together....

Then we sang again as Yee Sam get her a 'small cake'...haha....Hope she is happy on her birthday this year!!

Lee Yun che-che,hope happy always and pretty always and healthy always too!!! :>

At night as usual,we had our dinner and YAM SENG session AGAIN!!! hehehehehe....I love that session the most!!! :p
That night I was drunk!!Yes..DRUNK!!!Hehehehe....malu want to story....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

GONG XI FA CHAI!!! (CNY's eve)

It's CNY!!!!As usual,on CNY's eve,we will be busy preparing food to have our reunion dinner together.This year very less people as there will be only Yee Suk,Yee Sam,Cousin Jacyn,Cousin Caryn,Cousin Jane,me,SHI HUI & Mummy.Daddy will not be home on CNY as he is busy working. :(
But it's ok..CNY is always so much fun for us!This year round we had steamboat for our reunion dinner.With a new custome-made table,we have bigger space and more space for food!!
Look at the below pictures.Point at the pictures and it will explain the 'stories'...

Oh ya,forgot to mention this year round we had FEW ROUNDS of 'Yam Seng Sessions'.We all had Shandy while Yee Suk alone is on Tiger beer! (Don't forget,it's TIGER YEAR this year!!!)

After dinner at about 8pm,we have a special performance of Lion & Dragon Dance invited by an association.So off all of us went over to see it at the temple then at the school basketball field.

This year is very special as there are fireworks too!!

Then after the performance...we all waiting for another prayers to welcome the Prosperous God (Choi San Yeh).While waiting for the GOOD timing,we had great fun too.Me & SHI HUI keep snaping around with Cousin Jacyn's camera.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

Sorry all.We know we had stopped quite a while as Cousin Jacyn wasn't back here.And we had no time to go to KL.So no pictures taken and no updates so far.But this Thurs Cousin Jacyn is coming back for Chinese New Year.Hope there will be plenty of pictures to be share ya!
This Sunday is the first day of Chinese New Year already.So hereby to wish Lola,Lolo,Uncle Dui Dui & Aunt Jane ~