Wednesday, October 20, 2010

20.10.2010 is my Yee Suk's birthday!!!

YEAH!!Today's date is so special : 20102010!!And it's my Yee Suk's birthday!!
We love you every much.I love you too,Yee Suk eventhough you sometimes a little harsh on me when teaching me revision and study.I know I will appreciate it when I grow older.


Cousin Jacyn & Cousin Caryn bought him something special and expensive this year.It's a wallet from Braun Buffel!!!

But look at who is the one more kepoh???????

Is it HER birthday gift OR Yee Suk's birthday gift???

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SHI HUI : 'Nobody' Short Performance

Everyone knows the song 'Nobody' from a very famous Korean Girls group right?
Uncle Dui Dui & Aunt Jane,I'm sure you heard of the song too right??
Lola,here I am...presenting to you ~~~~~~~ Nobody !

I am actually practicing it too for my school concert next month! :>

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Birthday Gifts!

Remember SHI HUI told you that I will be having a surprise from Cousin Jacyn,Cousin Caryn,Peter ko-ko,Cheng Wei ko-ko & Mei Sien che-che??

YES!!!I got it last Saturday!!!!

Try to guess what it is???

It's TOYS!!This time Cousin Jacyn suggested that to buy me toys instead of clothings or educational stuff.
(Anyway,Peter ko-ko did buy me a Power Puff Girl shirt + skirt already :p)

However,the toys are somehow educational too ~ Scrabble! :p
Another one was a relax game ~ Tumble Marble.It can be played by 4 players.So come and join me play!

Without delay,we started playing....

But look at the youngest girl there...she's being so kepoh!!She's the one who is more into the toys than me!!hahahahaha.....

Thank you once again to Peter ko-ko,Cheng We ko-ko,Mei Sien che-che,Cousin Jacyn & Cousin Caryn!!!Love ya!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

SHI HUI : Happy Birthday Che-che!!

Wednesday's was che-che's birthday!!!Daddy purposely took leave came back to make a party for che-che!!In conjuction with che-che gets number 4 in school,he purposely came out with the party for her to celebrate with friends!

See all of us at work preparing the party...Look at my Daddy in action too!

Even this aunty helped us a lot!She prepared the jelly for us and she is the cute-fierce Yun aunty!!:>

Look at the food prepared!

Yummy right?!!The cake is sponsored by our Kai-Ma.And Yee Sam's friends did make some nice jellies too.

Finally it get started....all che-che's friend sang her a Birthday song.

One whole group picture!

Happy birthday,che-che!!

Love you always!!Muaks!!

While enjoying our food,it was drizzling..then we shifted in for a while...and of course some silly moments.

Then they had the session that will NEVER be missed ~ THE GAME SESSION!!

After a fun game session,it's open-gifts-time!!!Che-che received soooo many gifts from her friends!

Look at the gifts she'd opened!!!

I'm so jealous!!!hehehe..And Cousin Jacyn called and said that she,Peter ko-ko,Cheng Wei ko-ko,Mei Sien che-che & Cousin Caryn will be buying che-che a surprise!!!I can't wait for it!!!hehehe..

So stay tune see what they bought for her ya!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

SHI HUI : Thank You,Eng Chuan ko-ko!

Do you still remember Cousin Jacyn's friend (Kevin ko-ko) bought us Hello Kitty Bag from Dubai?

This time another friend of Cousin Jacyn bought us chocolate from Abu Dhabi!

We are really lucky and of course Cousin Jacyn is very lucky too to have great friends like them!!!

We love you all too!!!

Specially for Eng Chuan ko-ko :