Wednesday, April 30, 2008

SHI HUI: I cut my hair!


SHI HUI: Driving lesson??


Saturday, April 12, 2008

SHI HUI:My birthday VIDEOs!

SHI HUI:It's My Birthday!! ~080408~

It's my birthday celebration 'again'.Daddy bought me a very special cake!!A barbie cake in PINK!!I was soooo happy!Thank you,Daddy!!You all may take a close look at it!On that day was very special as Peter Ko-ko also was there!He bought me and che-che a dress from Malacca.:>
And of course he did take many shots of my birthday celebrations.And video clips too!!Look at me!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

SHI HUI: It's Cheng Meng time again for 2008!

This year Cheng Meng only 2 families gathered.But we have fun too as usual!Look at me and che-che putting on the colored papers behind Ah Ma's grave.Then Yee Sam bought a 'house' for Ah Ma too!Hope Ah Ma is happy there and will guide us all through out all the way!!
Click here for the video clip before we end :

SHI HUI:'s April Babies!!

Dear ALL,it's my birthday tomorrow (8/4/08)...But we celebrated earlier on last Saturday.Together with Cousin Jacyn! :>
Check out our pictures and video clip!