Sunday, November 22, 2009

SHI HUI : My actual 'wedding' day!!

Yeah!!It's finally over.My 'wedding' day is actually my fashion show competition in school last week la..My teacher organized a fashion show competition with the theme : PAPER!

Before I start,as you all already see my gown rite?Let me show you all some other accesories that my designer did :

My hat

My gloves
My small bouquet of flowers..

All hand-made by PAPERS!!!

So those who participated have to go on a catwalk on PAPERS!See how creative are all of them ya!I'll tell bout my concert in next post ok.
After all my performance,here comes the fashion show parade.My Yee Sam preparing for me.Cousin Jacyn busy snapping pictures.

Let you all be the judge.

Look at other models..they are all very creative too.

Here look at me perform on stage with my bridal catwalk.

Alright...results time.....

I got 3rd place only..Just because I didn't perform good enough... :( All of them (Mummy,Yee Sam,Cousin Jacyn) complained on me...ONLY Peter ko-ko said ''It's ok alraedy la,at least SHI HUI got 3rd place..good enough''... : )

Look at this girl who got number ONE!Her name is Yi Xing.She stayed opposite of our house.She really can posed huh...

And the 2nd place won by age-5 teacher's daughter!!

At the end of the ceremony,all pupils are up on the stage to sing a song and were asked to sit down...except me..I can't sit coz my 'expensive gown' are too nice.hahahaha

Lastly,would like to thanked my designer ~ YEE SAM who designed the gown and accessories for me.Thank you again,Yee Sam.Love you very much!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SHI HUI : 'Wedding' day tomorrow!

Yes!Yes!!My 'wedding' is tomorrow!!!I can't wait for it and I think all of them can't wait for it too..haha..
As mentioned on my pre-wedding post,Yong & Co designer did a splendid job on my gown and accessories.Will post it up hopefully by this week ya!

Stay tune for my 'wedding' updates!!!:p :>

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Banana People!

Banana People in Chinese means :

Chinese who do not know how to read or speak (or BOTH) in Chinese!

Examples : Peter ko-ko & Cousin Jacyn are banana people because they can't read in Chinese....hahahaha....SHI HUI currently is half banana girl I suppose. :p

I bought a new book recently.It's more like a dictionary with 3 languages ie BM,English & Chinese (with han yin pin yin).

Peter ko-ko and SHI HUI got hooked to it.Look at them learning...wahahahah....

Thursday, November 5, 2009


As we all know SHI HUI can be as sticky as the super glue to Peter ko-ko.

Even when she is watching her favourite cartoon also she need to sit on him.(maybe his stomach is very comfortable :p)

Listen to what she says...

Untill Peter ko-ko is annoyed...Then her favourite Yee Suk came in and she felt annoyed!Wahahaha..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SHI HUI : My simple weekday routine

Mummy get ready for me...
Go downstairs greet Yee Suk first.....
Wear shoe n socks then go out wait for bus!

(Note: Pictures are taken by my Peter ko-ko who always disturb me in the morning!)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

SHI HUI : My Pre-Wedding Pictures 'wedding' is around the corner.Yee Sam is making a very special gown on my 'wedding'.Look at my Yee Sam's creative touch.
It's time for my pre-bridal gown testing.Didn't know 'wedding' is so tedious.Need to try the gown for so many times,to get the correct measurement for my FIT body,etc.'s amazing isn't???OF COURSE!!The designer is from Yong & Co owned by my Yee Sam leh. :p

I felt sooo pretty in it.This is just a 'pre-wedding' shoot.The gown is not this plain.The designers will give the final touch up on it.
Oh yeah,folks,my 'wedding' will be on 19 December 2009.Hope all of you can attend.Even if you can't attend,it's ok,we will post out LOTS of pictures for you all.So stay tune for my actual 'wedding' event post!!


Monday, November 2, 2009

My belated bday gift!

I'm such a lucky girl.Eventhough my birthday had over but I'm still receiving gifts.This was my gift from Mei Sien che-che & Cheng Wei ko-ko.They still remember to give me my birthday gift...THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! :)

Guess what is it...BURGERS?????

This is mine..

And this is SHI HUI's..'s burger-shaped piggy bank..We just love it!Thanks again Cheng Wei ko-ko & Mei Sien che-che!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

SHI HUI : Show Time!!

Yeah!!!Finally it's over.It's the coloring competition I participated.
In the morning we gathered at church aka my school.We were briefed what to do and the timing and so on.Thank God Peter ko-ko & Cousin Jacyn reached on time!

Contest begin!!!

I'm so serious right? first I really take my own sweet time coloring but then at the end of the competition I'm in a hurry as I was too slow and the time given was only 1 hour.So the end part a bit 'chin chai'.

In the mid of competition,Peter ko-ko & Cousin Jacyn looked around and they found one nearby participant's artwork.
And this is my artwork half way done.
(Gee...Cousin Jacyn is so distracting.Maybe that's the reason why I can't finish on time :p)

Oh yeah,che-che also participated last minute.
Here is her half-way artwork.

In the meantime waiting for us to finish,the adults went around and enjoyed too.Look they found a new guy which is very sporting.He is only 7 months old.
For this competition there are 3 categories.There will be 3 consolation prize and 3 grand prize for each category:

Group A : Age 4-6 years old. (I'm in this group)

Group B : Age 7-9 years old. (Che-che is in this group)

Group C : Age 10-12 years old.

While waiting for the results...


The first named/winner called was......

YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I WON!!But consolation prize only lah....But I'm so happy!!!I'm competiting with 5 & 6 years old pupil.And for Group A,I am the ONLY 4 years old winner!wahhahahaha...I'm so happy!!!And the adults are so proud of me!!!

Waiting to take group photo.

These are what I got.
And this is my artwork.What do you think?

(ok,it's not that nice and correct and imcomplete,however colored without any lines out and my hands are so tired!)