Monday, July 20, 2009

SHI HUI : Me & Him..

Still remember the post that che-che said I'm sticky to Peter ko-ko where I pretend to sleep with him??Haha..che-che forgot bout this clips actually...
I just simply can't let him sleep in peace....then he 'wake up' and make me 'laugh like mad'

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SHI HUI : I'm a MAN!

Usually my favourite Yee Suk will give me $ to 'turn egg'.
Uncle Dui Dui,maybe you have no idea what is it.See if any chance I will show the picture one day ya!But this time Peter ko-ko gave me 50 sen to turn egg!haha...See what I got and what I became.....................................................
A MAN!!A MAN with BLACK THICK MOUSTACHE!!wahahahaha...

Now,I have moustache just like Yee Suk!!!haha..

Che-che also!!We 'share' our moustache...hahahha

Monday, July 6, 2009

Another Sticky Episode

As you guys know how sticky is SHI HUI to Peter ko-ko right?Sigh~~~ (But when I was young I was sticky to him too!haha!:p)
Look at her!She can't even let Peter ko-ko sleep in peace!
Look so sound asleep leh.....(even Daddy walked pass also she ignored him!!!)
AHA!!She is PRETENDING!!!What a drama queen she is!!She just pretend to be sleeping with Peter ko-ko!!duh!!!

SHI HUI : Scooby Dooby Dooo!

Haha..Yeah that's a cartoon name BUT what I want to tell here is NOT about the cartoon movie...Last week the GANG came back to Kuala Klawang!Cousin Jacyn & Cousin Jane went shopping and bought the Scooby Doo pasta for us!!!yuhoooo.....It's very new to us.Right before Cousin Jacyn cooked it,Yee Sam went and boil it already and throw away the packet into the rubbish bin!!Aduii....So no proper picture but Cousin Jacyn still have the chance to take the picture of the packing,it is like this :Then,let me show you all here are the shapes of the pasta.It has Scooby Doo's master,Scooby Doo,Scooby Doo's pendant,Scooby Doo's bone,A machine and A Ghost!Interesting right?After checking only Cousin Jacyn got to know that it's an organic pasta.There are 3 colors on the pasta.Orange is made of organic tomato powder,green is made of organic spinach powder and yellow is original flavour.Kinda healthy ho?hehe...

We eat it with a sauce cooked by Cousin Jacyn..YUMMY YUMMY!!