Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What game is it???

I'm back!!!SHI HUI did tell you all I went for my school excursion right?
It was my first experience and super fun!!!I get to go KL without mummy but with my friends!
We went to bird park,soap factory ,etc..

Bought some souvenirs for mummy and SHI HUI too!

I think you all saw our Sesame Street shirts right?It's so cute!!

But after all the picture taking,can you guess what is she trying to do/play?
I guess she must be too bored and created her own game!!!

And did you notice Peter ko-ko,he is playing his game while she is playing HER game!!!hahahaha...


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SHI HUI: Happy Father's Day in Sesame Street Theme!

Last Sunday was Father's Day!My daddy is working but we did called and wished him!
Cousin Jacyn & gang came back to celebrate Father's Day with my Yee Suk!We celebrated it on Saturday.

And guess what??We had a theme for that day!!

A Sesame Street Theme!!!Hahahaha..

But....che-che wasn't in that day.She joined her school excursion to KL.

But....we have a new member who joined us that day!!!Let's see who it is ya..... :)

While waiting for food at the restaurant...

This is the new member!He is Cousin Jane's boy friend!! :)

The food we ordered that night :

Cousin Jane & Nam ko-ko bought this for Yee Suk :

After the dinner,we waited for che-che and were busy snapping pictures at home!!

It's the Sesame Street gathering!!! hahahaha

I got to take picture with Nam ko-ko too!