Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SHI HUI: Happy Father's Day in Sesame Street Theme!

Last Sunday was Father's Day!My daddy is working but we did called and wished him!
Cousin Jacyn & gang came back to celebrate Father's Day with my Yee Suk!We celebrated it on Saturday.

And guess what??We had a theme for that day!!

A Sesame Street Theme!!!Hahahaha..

But....che-che wasn't in that day.She joined her school excursion to KL.

But....we have a new member who joined us that day!!!Let's see who it is ya..... :)

While waiting for food at the restaurant...

This is the new member!He is Cousin Jane's boy friend!! :)

The food we ordered that night :

Cousin Jane & Nam ko-ko bought this for Yee Suk :

After the dinner,we waited for che-che and were busy snapping pictures at home!!

It's the Sesame Street gathering!!! hahahaha

I got to take picture with Nam ko-ko too!


Jane said...

Wow~ Even Nam is in the blog. Gonna show him tis later! Hahahahaha~

jacynkong said...

SHI HUI : of course,cousin Jane!!!!I think I'm gonna like him very much soon hopefully!!