Saturday, December 29, 2007


After Tong Yuen celebrations & BBQ party...we had Steamboat night!!Fuh...check out the food!!So delicious huh...hehe...Enjoy the food!!!...... I mean the pictures!heee...

Here's a silly clips from us while waiting for makan!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


And here it goes...Christmas Day....

Santa Claus is coming to Town!!

Santa Claus is coming town!!

LOOK!!!Santa Claus and Santa Rina were here!!! At our house!!!Look at the carollers performed.It was so great!!Enjoy the clips below :


Look at Mummy doing preparation...Carried down her Xmas tree from upstairs to downstairs,put on the lightings,arranging the presents......Me and Shi Hui just have fun around....Look at us with some naughty poses...

Happy Tong Yuen...

Saturday we celebrated Tong Yuen festival.So Friday night we did Tong Yuen.Shi Hui couldn't make it as she was too sleepy.Look at us enjoying.Saturday night we did BBQ at the back of the house.Cheng Wei ko-ko,Mei Shyan che-che and Ah Yoke che-che also came.But we didn't snap any pictures! :<>


Hello everyone!!It's Christmas!!!Peter ko-ko,Cousin Jacyn,Caryn,Jane & Daddy are back home for Xmas!!!We are extremely happy!!!Mummy was excited too!!Look at this clips as a starter :
(Pls switch on your speaker louder as I am singing... :p )

Boney m - 20 Greatest christmas songs

Friday, December 7, 2007

SHI HUI:Video time~~~~

Photos time...then now video time!Look at the below short clips where me and Che-che have fun!I really enjoy the ride on bumper car!Che-che is a good driver!She really improved Cousin Jacyn said.heee...Bravo,Che-che!!
Then you may look at the cowboy ride!That was Che-che's favourite ride!It was my first time.Cousin Jacyn at first worried I might fear....But I enjoyed!!!HAha!Cousin Jacyn,you under estimate me!!So enjoy!!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Genting Highlands-NICE!!COOL.....

Hi ALL,we really had a splendid time at Genting Highlands!!This was my second time there but it was mummy's and Shi Hui's FIRST time there!They were so excited as well.Look at Shi Hui..We are lucky as the day we going back there was a 35 Mascots Party!Look at our pictures with all the mascots!!SOOO FUNNY AND FUN!!!Thanks to Peter ko-ko and Cousin Jacyn!!!Love you all VERY much!!!

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas is round the corner!!We went to KL again.This time One Utama had decorated their Christmas theme!Check it out!Me and Shi Hui even dance with the Santa Claus!!
SHI HUI:Look at me having fun with Peter ko-ko at the escalator too ya!!

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