Monday, September 20, 2010

At Bubba Gump

Cousin Jacyn forgot bout this post.On our last holiday,we went to a resturant named Bubba Gump Shrimp & Co.
The food is nice but no picture taken because all were so into the food!haha...
But best part is for SHI HUI.There they provide some toys for the kids to play while waiting for their food.

Can you see her with Peter ko-ko playing??She keep changing toys and play!!I think she enjoyed the most!!

Even me also have something to 'do' ie some writing games!Yee Sam helped me with the games!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

#2 When she is with.....

Yee Suk.....Not only Peter ko-ko,SHI HUI is a sticky pad to Yee Suk too.Yee Suk sayang her like a princess!!Hehe....
So sometimes she will massage for Yee Suk too.Then take afternoon nap together with him.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

#1 When she is with.....

Peter ko-ko....this is what you will usually see when Peter ko-ko is at home....Or should I say where ever there is Peter ko-ko and SHI HUI,this is what you will see.....
Sometimes can be very loud!!!!
(*last time when I'm younger I used to play like this wit him too.But now I'm grown up....Maybe sooner SHI HUI wil be like me)


I always love to play with 'my daughter' ~ Fifi.
Me and che-che also love Fifi as you all know...
I can just sit there play with her in sweat!

But Fifi is very smart.She is very obedient.See how she was trained by Yee Suk when makan time.She will sit and stay till she was allowed to have her meal!
And she is very loyal.She only listen to the Master which is Yee Suk. :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Holiday Activity

Can you guess what are we doing??

Last school holidays we went to Ikano (Ikea) for an activity that Cousin Jacyn registered us in.
It was organized by Da Vinci Craft for kids.

Can you guess what we get at the end of the process?

We get a key chain each.The keychain we coloured ourselves! :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

SHI HUI : Winning is always good!

Last Saturday was a very hectic yet tiring but interesting weekends to us!Few events on the same day!!!!Haha....Early in the morning,me and Che-che participated in the coloring contest organized by my schoo.Che-che was in the 7-9 years old group while me in the 4-6 years old group.
The coloring ends around 12.But they didn't want to announce the winner yet!They asked us to go back at 6pm as there will be some small celebration on Moonake Festival.So there they'll be serving some food for us too! :) So we had our naps and then get ready for the 6pm event :)
Look at the background behind with the trees decorated with lanterns and me as usual with my Peter ko-ko. :p

After the makan makan session,they started with some singing and then with the winner announcement...And  guess what???

Neither consolation nor 1st nor 2nd not 3rd BUT 'special' prize!!!At first they announced the consolation then the special prize!!Wahahahha..
Try to locate me.Cousin Jacyn and the gang sat quite behind.So open your eyes to find me receiving the prize! 


Ok this is the prize!

Our activities did not stop there!We rushed home after half-way of the price giving and continue with the second event at the Indian Temple behind our house!
We dressed up into our Indian costume and get ready for the event!

No pictures taken.Only the one above :(
I sulked when I can't sit with the God!!Coz last few years I did 'sit' with God :<
But finally thanks to Peter ko-ko,Me & che-che managed to take turn and sit on the cart with the God for the parade!!!
Look at me on the cart while enjoying some sugar-cane sticks :)

p/s: Sorry for the not-clear-too-bright lighting

Sunday, September 5, 2010

SHI HUI : Yeehaa~~~~

I think che-che forgot bout the riding horse video.Remember she told you we tried our first experience of riding a horse?I pestered my Peter ko-ko till he gave in!!
Look at us.
It wasn't that stable...maybe che-che is too heavy :p

Click > Watch > Laugh out loud!!!

As promised,click on the videos to see what are the games we played in Genting!Super fun!!We even drove a Pirate Ship & fight with the pirates!!!hahahaha!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

2nd Day at Genting

Finally it's my turn to say something!Yes,we are very happy eventhough it's just a short trip to Genting.As SHI HUI already storied bout our first day there.Let me story to you what we did on the second day.Did SHI HUI show you some videos??Not yet??ALright will try to show it to you soon k.

Early morning we woke up and had our breakfast.Mummy,Yee Sam & Peter ko-ko went in to the casino for a buffet meal while me,SHI HUI & Cousin Jacyn had Kentucky Fried Chicken.

After all done,off we went to the STRAWBERRY FARM!!!

We are ALL READY to pick our own strawberries!

See we get to pick our own strawberries!

And then eat it at a very nice strawberries table & chair!

And see the shops all selling strawberries stuff! :)

After picking strawberries,we saw a horse!SHI HUI just can't wait to ride on the horse.She keep pestering her favourite Peter ko-ko to let her ride on it!It cost him RM10.He gave in and we got to.......
YES!!We ride on it!
And this is our group picture with the horse :>
I'll share with you on few videos of us playing games & horse-riding soon ya.
Keep awake!!!!

SHI HUI : Genting ~ Sept 2010

Just like every year we will visit Genting Highlands.Did you notice that? :p
This time we stayed in Genting Hotel instead of First World Hotel.This is our second time staying in this hotel. : ) Very nice!!!!
We managed to take some pictures when Peter ko-ko went to do the check-in.

After we settled down in our room,we had our early dinner in the hotel room!It was very yummy and fun too where we get to eat on the bed!

Peter ko-ko managed to snap soem of our pictures and I did some very very funny acts for him!Hahaha..Very funny right? :p

But I managed to snap a picture of Mummy & Yee Sam chit chating and relaxing.Hee..

Even Cousin Jacyn did snapped some of my pictures with Peter ko-ko!

Very silly acts right?I know I know.Just laugh it out loud ya!!! :D

After our dinner,we went out for jalan jalan.Guess what che-che saw?

A very big mooncake!Yes,now is mooncake festival and look at the decorations in Genting.Very nice right?

After that,we make a wish on this well.It's a wishing well it seems.Just throw a coin inside and it will be rolling into a small hole.

Suddenly,Peter ko-ko suggest that we take a COLD FRESH AIR!!!So here we go!Out of the building to catch some really cold air!

It was so strong wind if you noticed my hair and it was darn cold!!!!Freezing man!!!
Mummy & Yee Sam just went in back!Hehe..Can you imagine how cold it is,Uncle Dui Dui??
Did you notice the similiarity between me and Peter ko-ko?Try to guess???

Only we BOTH did NOT wear a jacket!!!We really enjoyed the cold air out there!!Give me 5,Peter ko-ko!!!

After all of them going in,me & Peter ko-ko still there snapping some picture of this :

We had a light supper that night and walk around again.

Then we called it a night.

BUT...stay tune for where we went the second day.It was even more interesting I tell you!!! :)

I will also share out some funny interesting videos for you all!!!