Friday, October 28, 2011

Plastic Theme!!!

Shi Hui is down with chicken pox but she is all ready for her school concert!It's going to be her last concert as she will be in Primary School next year!She is grown up!!!!

So this year she wil be performing few dances,a speech and a fashion show competition!
Last year she did not participate in the fashion show but she did on 2009!!! Do you all still remember that the theme was PAPERS that year???Check it out here if you all had forgotten!!!Shi Hui was a bride that time!

This year's fashion show competition theme was PLASTICS!!!!

So here is the team of designers designing her costume for the event!!!

You can see plastics EVERYWHERE!!!!HEhehehehehe...

The design is still halfway through....

So stay tune on how is the whole design look like soon ya..

SHI HUI's concert will be on the 18 November 2011!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SHI HUI : Down with chicken pox!!

Dear all,I'm down with chicken pox!!It just started on Monday!!!

I was ok just that my face,legs and whole body was filled up with the pox!!!

Cousin Jacyn called and asked is there any hotness and I said no hotness but BAD news!!!!hehehhe

This is my latest look!

(Yee Suk mms Cousin Jacyn my pictures)

I looked like I'm abused!!!Wahahahahahha

The pox is all over my body...but today seems very much ok already.....

I'll get well soon!NO worries!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fifi is our princess too!

Fifi is our favourite pet!!She is so cute and smart!!
Last week Cousin Caryn bought her some new top and a dress!!!

The dress is for Fifi to wear on Cousin Jacyn's wedding day!!hahaha

How is it??Cute???

Fifi is so smart now!!Well-trained by Yee Suk!!


Nowadays is the IT savvy world where people with PC,Laptops,Ipad,smart phones,etc...

So whenever Cousins are back...this will be a very normal scene at home......

Me & SHI HUI will be quite hooked to it!!!!This is very bad...... :p

Sunday, October 23, 2011

SHI HUI : Pyssla Beads!!

Cousin Jacyn finally bought back the Pyssla Beads!At first she bought the bead but the boards were out of stock!Finally she got it from Ikea again.

And here we are introduced to Pyssla Beads....

It was another type of art.You can see all of us are 'working' on our artwork....

It's all about beads thingy and we can make all sort of stuff and shapes with it...

After that,just iron it......

And ta daaaaaaaaa.................

It's so fun and we are going to make MORE!!!!


Lucky Mummy!!!

Mummy kinda in a LUCKY-MODE these few days....hehehehe...I think you all also know what I mean right??We'd been eating out in restaurant for few days and last Saturday and Sunday too!!!

Cousin Jacyn didn't snapped those food on Saturday on what we had but these are what we had yesterday (Sunday)!!!!!


More stories with the gang soon!!! :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Birthday!

My birthday cake..

Cousin Jacyn only have these pictures....

Thanks to Li Peng...

Li Peng,Cousin Jacyn said next time take more pictures la!!hehehehehe

Thursday, October 6, 2011

SHI HUI : Happy Birthday,Che Che!!!

Today is che che's birthday!We are having a birthday party today to celebrate her big birthday.Yee Sam said we should have a BIG BIRTHDAY party to celebrate our 11th year old!So che che is 11 years old in chinese calendar this year!

We are having so much fun and food now.Cousins are ALL not in town.Wil try to get Li Peng to snap as many pictures as possible!

Will try to post it out once we got it!!!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

SHI HUI : DAO RAE ~ Korean Dinner again......

....after so long!!!When was the last time we had korean food ???I just couldn't remember!!!

Anyway,on our last trip in KL,Cousin Jacyn decided to bring us for Korean food again for dinner!!

It's at our favourite Dao Rae!!!

This is the first place we had our first try on Korean food!!!Hehehe

While waiting for the food,we snapping around...

Korean food always come with lots of side dishes!

We eat and eat and eat and....

I was being so friendly to one of the waiter till he gave us each one...

Lollipop from KOREA!!!!!!