Sunday, May 6, 2012

SHI HUI : Gifts from Gold Coast!

Cousin Jacyn & Peter ko-ko just came back from their honeymoon.They went to a very nice country named Gold Coast which is under Australia.
The things over there were 'cheap' but after you converted it into Ringgit Malaysia it will be pretty expensive!

Nevertheless,they still managed to grab us something!

Me & che-che got a t-shirt from Sea World!

(Didn't snap che-che's picture as she was too busy)

I've got this Dora towel from Sea World too!!They just can't resist to buy it as it was too cute! :)

But too bad it only had one size.So che-che couldn't fit into it.

Mummy got a key chain with her name on it!Her name will be blinked 24hours as long as there is solar power! :)

And some chocolates and nuts.

Everybody were so happy!!!

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