Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day ~ 2012

We celebrated early celebration for Mother's Day this year as Cousin Jane is flying to Phuket on last Thursday.
So the gang came back and we had a big dinner feast on last Saturday.

Look at the dishes and you will.............drool...........

And as you all remembered,last year we had a theme on Father's Day.So this year round we had another theme for Mother's Day special!

And it's the SUPER HERO THEME!!!

Me & che-che...

The sisters!

And the husband & wife!!!

We are the super hero that night!!! LOL

We had a blast! Then it was the cake cutting session.

The world BEST mothers ever!!

Li Peng is in the picture because her birthday was around the corner!!!

And last but not least,Mummy got this as a gift!!

She is very happy! :)



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