Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bread making???

Cousin Jacyn forgot to post about this!!

Last few weeks when the gang (except Cousin Caryn) were home, Cousin Jacyn brought back some expired flour for us to play make bread!!! :p

Look at how we get started!!

We were having loads of fun because this is the first time we are doing it! We were all excited when Cousin Jacyn told us!!

SHI HUI asked Cousin Jacyn is this how people make bread and the answer was YES! SHI HUI was quite excited as she felt she is experiencing it!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAA!!

We keep playing kneading the dough.....



Hahahahha...We are expert huh????? (after so much of expired flour and tactics from Yee Sam + Cousin Jacyn) we finally make it!!

We play and shaped the dough to our likings!!!

We thought it was just that!!But NO!!!!!!!!!!! Cousin Jacyn & Yee Sam make it a STEP further!!!Hahahahahha...... We are interesting people!!! We always has ideas to make such a simple thing just so fun!!!!!!!!

Yee Sam suggested that we PAINT those shaped dough we made!!! Hahahahahahahah!!!!

And then we started to make all sorts of shapes and cartoons either 2D or even 3D!!!

So many of them joined us after that!!!


We even made an Angry Bird!! Hahahahah...

It wasn't so real but it's good enough for a first-timer!!!

And then......Yee Sam said let's bake it!! So off it goes into the oven!!!

And these are the outcome!!

I managed to make the pig from Angry Bird!! Cousin Jacyn thought that I am creative!! :p

That ugly cat was a Hello Kitty! Hahahahhaha.....

We hope to do it again! But the next time hopefully it will be making REAL BUNS!!!!!! :)

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